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Laser Ing, a leading Croatian company specialized in metal processing, proudly announces the expansion of its machinery park with the new metal laser cutting machine KBM 3015 of impressive technical characteristics.


The latest laser cutter KBM 3015, from the Austrian manufacturer KBM GmbH, impresses with its technical features. Precision and speed are the key words that describe the KBM 3015 laser cutter. The machine is equipped with the latest technology, offering 6 times faster piercing and exceptional beam quality, with a maximum laser power of 12 kW. This ensures the highest level of reliability and productivity, and the cutting speed is far greater compared to machines of the same power from other manufacturers.

By acquiring the KBM 3015 metal laser cutting machine, Laser Ing provides customers with exceptional advantages that include extremely precise and high-quality cutting of materials up to 50 mm thickness. The speed and efficiency of the machine ensure shorter production times, improved production flexibility, and the ability to process various types of materials, which together meet a wider range of customer needs. Reducing operating costs enables more affordable prices, while advanced tracking technologies and CNC control increase the reliability of the process. The investment in this technology not only strengthens customer confidence in the company’s capabilities but also confirms Laser Ing’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability.


“At Laser Ing, we continuously set new industrial standards,” stated Leonardo Kaščel, Chairman of the Board at Laser Ing. “Our investment in the KBM 3015 laser cutter allows us to cut metal up to 50 mm with exceptional precision and speed. We are proud to be recognized as leaders in metal processing, and this investment further solidifies our commitment to innovation and excellence. We look forward to the new opportunities this technology brings, with the goal of being the first choice for renowned companies from the region and the EU.”


Photo Gallery: Introducing the New Metal Laser Cutting Machine KBM 3015


Laser Ing, the leading service center for metal cutting in Croatia, proudly provides its services to numerous renowned companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. In addition to cutting services, the company also offers bending, welding, the production of metal structures and assemblies, and powder coating.

The company’s vision is to become the preferred supplier of metal processing services for leading companies from the region and the European Union, and its success in the market and high level of service quality, confirmed by the application of ISO standards and TQM in all business processes, make Laser Ing the right partner for the future.

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