Laser Ing Paid 13th Salary to All Its Employees – News


In the spirit of holiday celebration and as a sign of gratitude towards its hardworking team, the company Laser Ing proudly announces the payment of the 13th salary to all its employees. This move reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to its employees and their well-being.

In a year that was full of challenges, but also significant success, Laser Ing achieved exceptional results thanks to the efforts and dedication of its team. The payment of the 13th salary is a symbolic way for the company to express its gratitude and recognition for the hard work and loyalty of its employees.


“At Laser Ing, every employee is immensely important to our business,” said Leonardo Kaščel, Chairman of the Board. Without their tireless work, innovation, and dedication, our success would not have been possible. This is our way to say thank you and to encourage them for future challenges and achievements”


Laser Ing continuously invests in its employees through various training programs, professional development, and improvements in the working environment, thereby promoting both their personal and professional growth. The payment of the 13th salary is just one of the ways the company strives to support and reward its team.

This gesture reflects the company’s culture that values its people and their contribution, fostering a positive work environment and strengthening the collective sense of purpose and achievement.


Laser Ing, the leading service center for metal cutting in Croatia, proudly provides its services to numerous renowned companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. In addition to cutting services, the company also offers bending, welding, the production of metal structures and assemblies, and powder coating.

The company’s vision is to become the preferred supplier of metal processing services for leading companies from the region and the European Union, and its success in the market and high level of service quality, confirmed by the application of ISO standards and TQM in all business processes, make Laser Ing the right partner for the future.

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