Bespoke Laser is a Carbon Neutral business


We’re so excited about the opportunity that Carbon Neutral Britain has provided small businesses to become certified as Carbon Neutral.

It’s a small piece of the puzzle in a much larger picture. For years we’ve looked at ways to give back to our environment but as a micro business and we’ve not been able to find a charity or initiative to work with until now. We’ve worked on improving our energy consumption, recycling our small amount of waste and reusing all the packaging that comes in to us.

In light of the recent COP26 summit we’ve been researching ways we could offset our carbon emissions again. We came across Carbon Neutral Britain which was set up in 2020. They offer small and large business the opportunity to offset carbon and plant trees.

We Plant 30 Trees 1

As we work primarily with wood this is an excellent start for us in our mission to give back to our planet. We will continue to improve and develop our business with Net Zero in mind.

As a small business we don’t have the budget larger businesses do to make a greater impact. However, we believe that every small business in the UK can make a difference.

Read more about what this means for your business when you work with us.

We would love to hear what you are doing for your small business? Do you reuse your packaging? Or have any new ideas to help reduce your impact on our climate?

Get in touch via instagram @bespokelaseruk to keep the #carbonneutral chat going.

Here’s our carbon neutral certificate: Carbon Neutral Small Business Certification – Bespoke Laser UK LTD

For more information about Carbon Neutral Britain please visit:

Carbon Neutral Britain –

Thanks for reading!

Laura & Team

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