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Tatler x Raffles City’s Fireside Chat with Dr. Sylvia

Home / Blog / Aesthetic Clinic / Tatler x Raffles City’s Fireside Chat with Dr. Sylvia: The Art of Graceful Ageing Our very own...

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Can Skincare Ingredients Penetrate Your Skin?

Table of Contents Skin structure and how it works Penetration vs absorption What affects skincare penetration? Molecular size Ingredients’ solubility Concentration of the active ingredient The polarity of the molecule Condition of the skin Can skincare ingredients enter the bloodstream? Cutis and Dr. Sylvia Skin Care as your beauty partner If skin is an effective physical barrier that is designed to keep things out, what happens to all those products we apply to our skin? Do creams, lotions, and serums penetrate the skin and do what they are intended to do? What goes on with the skin after we apply our favorite formulas?  Continue reading as we dive a little into the structure of the skin, how it works, and...

5 Essential Parts Identification Systems for Various Industries

1. Classification of Mechanical Parts In manufacturing, marking machines label mechanical parts for easy sorting and inventory management, reducing errors and speeding up production. 2. Equipment Parts Identification In maintenance, marking machines provide durable codes on parts, enabling quick identification and replacement, reducing downtime. 3. Automobile Parts Identification In automotive manufacturing, marking components ensures correct assembly and traceability, maintaining high production standards. Source link

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