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XT LASER participated in the Czech Brno International Machinery Industry Exhibition

The four-day “2022 Czech Brno International Machinery Industry Fair” was successfully held from October 4th to 7th. XT Technology brought XT G series high-power large-format laser cutting machine, H series open laser cutting machine and laser welding machine to the stage, aiming to bring high-quality products, worry-free services and preferential product policies to global customers.

The Czech Brno International Machinery Industry Fair (MSV) is hosted by the Czech BVV company. It is a comprehensive industrial fair with the longest history, the widest range of exhibitions and the largest regional influence in Central and Eastern Europe. The fair covers all fields of industrial production. It is one of the international exhibitions supported by the International Exhibition Alliance. The exhibition gathered related enterprises of intelligent manufacturing, metal processing and green intelligent manufacturing.

XT Technology Exhibition Equipment Decryption

XT brought three high-quality laser equipment to the exhibition:

一、 G series laser cutting machine

XT G series 2060 laser cutting machine is a practical laser cutting equipment with superior performance. Fully enclosed structure with dust removal system makes production more environmentally friendly; high-definition camera, intuitive processing, safe operation, and controllable process; aluminum profile beam, good dynamic performance, strong anti-deformation ability; double-motor exchange table, stable and fast exchange; accurate Positioning and locking, dedicated high-power cutting air circuit; precise control of air flow, more excellent cutting process, and greatly improved production and processing efficiency.

二、H series laser cutting machine

XT H series open laser cutting machine has triple advantages of simple operation, maintenance and upgrade. It adopts servo drive with real-time dynamic feedback and precise rack and pinion drive to effectively ensure the processing speed and accuracy of the equipment. It adopts the structure of the central control tube welding bed. , After high temperature annealing and natural aging to eliminate welding stress, anti-deformation, low vibration, ensure cutting accuracy, intelligent visual control system, intuitive adjustment of various details, is a laser cutting equipment with stable performance.
Handheld laser welding machine

XT handheld laser welding machine: simple and easy to operate, the welding seam is not deformed, the laser output is stable, and the welding consistency is ensured. After the laser is focused, the power density is high, the speed is fast, the depth is large, and the deformation is small, ensuring 360-degree micro-welding without dead ends.
XT Manufacturing is widely acclaimed
XT equipment has been widely praised by customers at this exhibition. The simple and easy-to-use operation and high-quality cutting and welding effects have been unanimously recognized. Everyone has personally experienced this “immersive happiness”.
XT LASER has always adhered to resource sharing, seeking common development, focusing on single products, and precise positioning, focusing on the development of advanced high-end equipment manufacturing technologies and solutions, and boosting the development of advantageous industries and strategic emerging industries.
The light of China’s intelligent manufacturing has ignited the international stage. Today, XT LASER intelligent equipment has been exported to more than 160 countries and regions at home and abroad. The equipment operates stably and is widely praised by customers. I believe that Xintian Laser will become an expert in laser industrial application solutions at your fingertips!

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