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—2022 Xintian Global Service Tour We are in action —

Since 2020, the epidemic has been raging around the world, which has had a continuous impact on the global laser industry. While countries have tightened their entry and exit policies, XT LASER has overcome many obstacles, fearlessly and headed against the wind. In May of this year, we launched the Xintian global service activity with the theme of “Worry-free service, starting from XT”, aiming at global customers, providing all-round guidance for the installation, debugging, proofing, training, maintenance and upgrading of the machine.

As of the time of writing, the XT sales and after-sales service team has completed more than 5 months of visits to 12 countries and 36 regions including South Korea, Pakistan, the United States, Russia, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Romania, and Germany. 300 customers provide on-site services, bring advanced operating technology and equipment policies to customers, and have been highly praised by customers. During the period, the orders were full, and behind each contract is the proof of Xintian worry-free service sincerity, determination and confidence.
The ingenuity is always brilliant, and the “XT Global Service Tour” is still in progress. XT service team travels all over the world, bringing technical support and service care to customers non-stop, and delivering XT care to everyone. In the hearts of customers, use laser technology to help enterprises grow.

Appearance · XT global service figure

Service Journey
Pulling in the Distance

XT LASER always regards customer service as one of the important business concepts of development, and insists that “customer-centric, talent-based, product-based, and service-backed” is the corporate culture that XT always bears in mind. At present, XT sales network covers all provincial capitals and municipalities across the country, and exports to more than 160 countries and regions such as India, Russia, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It has served 500,000+ customers and is trusted and supported by global customers.

Schematic diagram of XT global sales network

Delivery is only the beginning of cooperation, we pay great attention to the customer service experience. The relationship between Xintian and customers is not only a unilateral relationship of supply and demand, but more of a friendship of mutual help and mutual assistance. XT provides products and services to customers, helps customers improve efficiency, expand benefits, and achieve better and faster Development, in cooperation with customers, we can also more clearly define the market demand, and carry out product update and iteration, so as to achieve technological improvement and expand market share.

XT Service Three Steps

XT adheres to the service concept of “survive by quality, develop by innovation, every little thing of customers is our big thing”, adhere to the key point of improving service ability, and provide customers with convenient, efficient, accurate and considerate services. XT LASER provides one-stop service and all-round service, so that customers can truly experience “worry-free service, starting from XT”.

XT provides professional and technical personnel to answer questions for customers 24 hours a day, and provides car pick-up and delivery to factory services in China. The reception staff in the exhibition hall fully explain and display intelligent laser equipment, intelligent exhibition hall design, immersive interactive experience, on-site cutting demonstration, accurate Proofing, quality assured, no fear of inspection.

Customers visit the factory

In the sale process, the delivery is guaranteed on time, and at the same time, it provides customers with intimate and guaranteed supporting services. From the installation, commissioning, production and use of the equipment, there will be specialized technical personnel to provide full service, and free training for employees and hands-on teaching will be provided. Hold a grand handover ceremony for users who have reached strategic cooperation with XT, enhance the market visibility of customer companies, expand the market for them, and help their development.

XT LASER held the scene of the handover ceremony for customers

The XT LASER Customer Service Center will regularly call back to check on the use of the equipment, and the after-sales service team will conduct customer visits to the factory from time to time to guide customers in the correct use of equipment, system upgrades, and maintenance. Each equipment of XT is equipped with WIFI wireless remote diagnosis function, providing remote fault analysis and troubleshooting services anytime, anywhere. Once a difficult fault occurs, immediately notify the after-sales department, respond quickly within 30 minutes, and arrive at the customer site within 3 hours for equipment maintenance and maintenance. Maintenance, 24-hour escort for customers, to provide customers with intimate and guaranteed after-sales supporting services.

XT after-sales service network

Behind the best-selling products of XT LASER is the unremitting pursuit of product ingenuity and quality and customer service. Eighteen years of trials and hardships, and eighteen years of hard work, Xintian has gone through years of turbulence, continuous innovation and development, and interprets the spread of the laser industry. Xintian Laser knocks on the door of the market with good quality, and creates immortal user reputation with good service.

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