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Cutting round holes on metal plates and pipes is a common process, but some customers find that the round holes cut by the laser cutting machine are not round after purchasing the metal laser cutting machine. It is the problem of equipment or process. Xintian Laser will take you to learn about it.

More and more metal processing enterprises begin to choose laser cutting round holes. The processing section is smooth, and the diameter can be changed at any time, and the operation flexibility is high. However, using modern processing methods requires skilled operators. Improper operation will cause irregular circles.

1. It may be that your light intensity has not been adjusted properly, resulting in non-overlapping final results. In general, the difference between the maximum light intensity and the minimum light intensity should not exceed 5%, and the speed should not be adjusted too fast. If it is too fast, it may skip frames and the results will not overlap.

2. Then check your hardware: beam, lens, nozzle, etc.

3. Check whether the servo motor or cutting head is fixed loose.

4. Improper blowing pressure.

In the process of blowing, when the air pressure is too low, the edge will be scraped and carbonized, while if the air pressure is too high, the hole will be easily burst. Therefore, this requires the perfect cooperation between the process proofing engineer and the machine, and select the appropriate air pressure according to experience, so as to make the cut round hole fuller.

5. The round hole is too small.

The best solution for metal laser cutting machine to cut round holes is that the ratio of round holes is 1:1, that is, the ratio of hole diameter to plate thickness is 1:1. Of course, this ratio means that the larger the diameter of the hole, the higher the quality of the circular hole, and the easier it is. Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting hole is prone to residual breakpoints and irregular holes.

6. The parameters of servo motor are incorrect.

Oval or irregular phenomena sometimes appear in the round hole, which is related to the mismatch of XY axis motion. The direct reason for the mismatch of XY axis motion is the improper adjustment of servo motor parameters. Therefore, the quality of cutting round holes also has certain requirements for servo motors.

7. Cause the accuracy error of guide rail and lead screw.

If the parameter error of the servo motor affects the cutting quality, the accuracy error of the guide rail and the screw rod will directly lead to the round hole accuracy not meeting the expected requirements. This is related to the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers. Generally, some small factories will cheat customers that the accuracy of laser cutting machine can reach 0.1mm, but in fact, in the actual operation process, the quality and effect of laser drilling will be very poor. Well, it affects the added value of the product. Therefore, it is very necessary to select high-quality and large-brand laser cutting machines.

All these parameters are used to identify whether the accuracy, speed and other parameters of cutting round holes meet the standard requirements and whether the quality of the purchased laser cutting machine is qualified. Therefore, customers must clean their eyes when purchasing laser cutting machines.

Four factors affecting the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Laser condensation size of laser generator: the smaller the light spot after gathering, the higher the cutting accuracy, and the smaller the gap after cutting. It shows that the fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high accuracy and good quality. However, the laser beam is conical, so the slit cut is also conical. Under this condition, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, so the larger the slit.

Fiber laser cutting machine.

2、 Table accuracy: if the table accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine is very high, the cutting accuracy will also be improved. Therefore, the accuracy of the worktable is also an important factor to measure the accuracy of the laser generator.

3. The laser beam converges into a cone: when the fiber laser cutter cuts, the laser beam is tapered downward. If the thickness of the workpiece is large, the cutting accuracy will be reduced, and the cutting gap will also become larger.

4. Different cutting materials will also affect the accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine. In the same case, the cutting accuracy of the optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel and aluminum will be different. The cutting accuracy of stainless steel will be higher and the cutting surface will be smoother.

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