How to improve the efficiency of laser pipe cutting machine


XT laser-laser pipe cutting machine

Stainless steel tubes are more and more widely used, and laser cutting machines are widely used by stainless steel products enterprises. Especially in recent years, with the development of automation technology, laser cutting machines for automatic loading and unloading have also been introduced. Laser pipe cutting machines are advanced stainless steel tube processing equipment, but careless use will still lead to poor pipe cutting quality, material waste and other problems, which will invisibly increase the manufacturing costs of enterprises, So how to improve the efficiency of laser pipe cutting machine.

Laser tube cutting technology is a technology with high production efficiency and strong production capacity. At the same time, the design can be modified only at the last moment, without affecting the whole production process. A greater benefit is that the end user can control the production of short-term or medium-term operation without making a large number of templates, which makes it faster to respond to customer needs, so there is no need to make molds. From the perspective of flexibility, laser tube cutting technology can process any programmed shape. The laser can cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without any tools, thus making it possible to process competitive personalized packaging or trademarks. Accuracy is also one of the advantages of digital systems. Laser processing can compensate for the inaccuracies in printing and post-printing processing, such as the stretching and deformation of materials, and the laser can adjust according to these deformations, while traditional template manufacturing cannot. The processing of laser tube cutting products is a very precise and high-level technology. Of course, this also requires some cost input in the early stage. We will focus on the problems related to laser tube cutting and provide targeted solutions.

Through the professional pipe cutting and layout software, the drawing, layout and blanking are programmed on the computer in advance to generate the cutting program, and then the full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large length stainless steel pipes are carried out. CNC laser pipe cutting with professional pipe arrangement technology has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and complex programming pipe arrangement. If used improperly, it will cause pipe waste and low cutting efficiency. Professional pipe arrangement software is the basis and prerequisite for realizing large-scale, high-efficiency and high-quality cutting production of CNC pipe cutting machine.

At present, there are quality problems in the process of laser pipe cutting, such as the burning of the cutting point of the part, the burning of the corner of the part, the inclination of the cutting pipe surface, the circular deformation or inability to close when cutting round parts, which directly lead to serious waste and cutting of the pipe. The tube production efficiency is low. CNC pipe cutting technology is to provide advanced pipe cutting technology and rich pipe cutting experience in the pipe cutting control software of the indicator control system, so that the pipe cutting operators can achieve high-quality and efficient CNC cutting through skilled use of the control system. CNC laser pipe cutting technology is a large-scale, efficient and high-quality pipe cutting production method. The core of CNC pipe cutting is CNC pipe cutting system.

When cutting pipes (especially for square pipes with small diameter), slag will adhere to the inner wall of pipes, and most of the heat generated during cutting will be absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is high, the pipe will often overheat, and the corners and four corners of the square tube will be burnt, which will seriously affect the cutting quality, and even cannot be cut. For such questions, use:

1. Method of increasing oxygen pressure.

2. Improve the speed of sharp angle synthesis through software.

3. The laser cutting head with a height induction servo system can ensure that the height between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface plane remains unchanged (the focus remains unchanged) during the cutting process, so that the cutting effect will not be affected by the change of the workpiece surface.

For the solutions proposed above, targeted solutions will inevitably improve the efficiency of laser pipe cutting processing equipment, thus improving the current situation of low pipe cutting efficiency, poor pipe cutting quality and serious pipe waste, improving the efficiency of enterprise production and processing products, and creating better profits for enterprises.

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