Walking with Light | XT “Light” Shining Malaysia Exhibition!


Mention Malaysia

What would you think of?

The vast blue sea?

A delicate yellowed beach?

Gentle and pleasant sunshine?

Or the famous newly industrialized country?

Malaysia is a diversified newly industrialized country in Asia and an emerging market economy in the world. China and Malaysia have a long history of exchanges. Malaysia is also one of the first countries to respond to the “the Belt and Road” initiative. 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Malaysia, and next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. The friendship between China and Malaysia has a long history, and Chinese enterprises actively participate in Malaysian related exhibitions, which will promote greater development of China and Malaysia in the field of economy and trade through progress.

On May 31st, the 2023 Malaysia International Machine Tool Tool METALTECH and Automation Exhibition AUTOMEX opened grandly at the MITEC Exhibition Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This exhibition has led the development of industries such as metal processing, machinery, robotics, and automation in Malaysia. XT Laser participated in the exhibition with 1530G large surround laser cutting machine, handheld laser welding machine, and desktop integrated marking machine, sharing a new chapter of laser with laser enterprises from various countries.

At the exhibition site, the XT booth is crowded with people, let’s experience the charm of the XT exhibits together!

The 1530G large surrounding laser cutting machine with a golden ratio figure, taking into account the cost, performance, speed, stability and intelligence of manual operation, can be described as a combination of all kinds of advantages, suitable for the needs of full scene processing applications, and favored by the global market with its advantages of high conversion efficiency, good product reliability, wide processing range, etc.

The handheld laser welding machine is compact in size but powerful in performance, with easy and beautiful welding processes, and has characteristics such as aesthetics, efficiency, and convenience.

Desktop integrated marking has high flexibility, intelligence and environmental protection, system control, non-contact processing, and the marking is firm and permanent, which is not easy to eliminate.

XT “Smart” Manufacturing shines throughout the venue, attracting the attention of many exhibitors, local media, and others.

As an “old friend” of Malaysia International Machine Tool Exhibition, XT has brought satisfactory and convenient laser processing equipment to Malaysian customers in recent years, covering various types such as cutting, marking, cleaning, welding, bending, etc., actively promoting the rapid development of Malaysia’s processing industry.

Walking with light, shining in the future. XT Laser has been on the way!

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