Handheld Laser Welding Machine: Business Guide


Step 2: Know What Your Business Need

What you want to do with the handheld laser welding machine will play a huge role in the type of handheld laser welding machine you get.


Based on features, size, and specifications, some handheld laser welders are more suited for fine welding, as seen in those used in the jewelry industry. In contrast, some are suited for heavy and specialized tasks, as seen in those used in the automotive industry.


Checking the material compatibility is crucial. For example, the HeatSign  Handheld Laser Welder uses fiber laser. Hence it is more suitable for welding metals. Another parameter you should judge before deciding on the right one is the thickness of such materials, which in turn ds the laser power that can weld such thickness. The right machine should be able to weld the materials you use effectively.


You also need to consider the volume of production and frequency before getting a handheld laser welding machine. For high-volume production and frequency, you need a sturdy, fast machine with high laser power. For occasional welding, a smaller and more portable machine can do the trick


Welding characteristics, such as weld strength, precision, and aesthetics, can also play a huge role in the weld quality you can achieve with a handheld laser welding machine.

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