The market application of laser cutting machine is increasing, and the domestic manufacturing level is booming


XT Laser-laser cutting machine

Because of the advantages of good cutting quality, high cutting quality and fast cutting speed, laser cutting machine has become one of the main equipment for metal processing. Speaking of laser cutting machine, it plays a decisive role in many special processing links, such as processing various customized graphic patterns. At present, the application of laser cutting machines has become more and more extensive, and the manufacturing level is not inferior to that of imported brands. So, how about the manufacturing level of laser cutting machines in China? Next, Xintian Laser will show you.

Since the reform and opening up, China’s laser cutting machine has made rapid development, but still faces many problems. There are few manufacturers of laser cutting machines with high technology content and high quality in China, and most of them remain at the medium and low speed level. Compared with similar foreign products, the equipment development level, technical content, application and promotion are not satisfactory. In terms of market distribution, domestic laser cutting machines only have a slight advantage in the low-end market, while the high-end market is almost completely ignored. It is occupied by foreign products. In addition to some manufacturers specializing in the production of laser cutting machines, some domestic universities and scientific research institutions have also participated in the research and development and production of laser cutting machines, relying on the scientific research strength of various universities and scientific research institutions.

It was first invented by European and American countries, so some domestic manufacturers always consider purchasing imported laser cutting machines when purchasing. Is imported equipment necessarily good? Let’s compare the difference between domestic laser cutting machine and imported laser cutting machine, so that consumers can have a measurement standard.

Everyone thinks that the imported laser cutting machine is better than the domestic one, and that the quality can be guaranteed as long as the imported equipment is purchased. Is that true?

There is a certain distance between China’s laser cutting machine and foreign countries in technology, so many domestic companies will introduce foreign technology, and some equipment parts are also imported from foreign countries, so there is little difference between domestic equipment and foreign equipment. In terms of performance, the domestic equipment is actually quite good, and the price is also very affordable. Due to the brand of imported laser cutting machine and various tariffs, the sales price of an imported equipment in China is far higher than that of its own country. Therefore, for enterprises with low accuracy requirements, it is a good choice to choose domestic equipment.

Moreover, many domestic manufacturers actually have technical support from foreign companies, so consumers really need not worry about quality. China is vigorously studying laser cutting machines. With the support of national funds and technology, in fact, China’s laser cutting machine manufacturers have no problems in manufacturing low-end equipment. Some high-precision or high-end equipment really need to rely on foreign imports, or need foreign key components to be manufactured in China.

Therefore, after comparing the domestic laser cutting machine with the imported laser cutting machine, the author believes that the domestic equipment still has advantages, especially in the low-end equipment, the quality is not inferior to the foreign equipment, and the price is also more affordable.

The development trend of laser cutting machine.

1. High-speed and high-precision laser cutting machine has created favorable conditions for high-speed and high-precision laser cutting equipment due to the improvement of high-power laser beam mode and the application of 32-bit microcomputer.

2. Large laser cutting machines for thick plate cutting and large size workpiece cutting With the increase of available laser cutting laser power, laser cutting is developing from light industrial sheet metal processing to heavy industrial thick plate cutting.

3. Three-dimensional multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine. In order to meet the needs of automobile, aviation and other industries for 3D workpiece cutting, a variety of five-axis or six-axis 3D laser cutting machines have been developed. The number of CNC axes reaches nine, with fast processing speed and high accuracy. In the automobile production lines of advanced countries, the application of laser cutting robots is increasing. At present, 3D laser cutting machine is developing in the direction of high efficiency, high precision, multi-function and high adaptability, and its application scope will be more and more extensive.

4. Automatic and unmanned laser cutting device In order to improve productivity and save labor, laser cutting is currently developing towards laser cutting unit (FMC) and unmanned and automatic direction. The development of the automation system of this unit must rely on the automatic control of cash, network control technology and computer production assistant management system technology. There are many types of laser cutting machines in the foreign market, and the unmanned cutting production line composed of six large laser cutting machines is running in the factory.

5. With the reduction of laser and the increase of power, as well as the continuous improvement of auxiliary equipment, the laser, power supply, host, control system and cooling water circulation device have been closely combined. Together, it forms a complete compact laser cutting machine with small floor area and complete functions. In addition, laser cutting technology is being combined with laser welding, laser surface hardening and other laser processing technologies to develop a multi-purpose machine and further improve equipment utilization.

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