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Laser cutting machine is an indispensable product in the process of processing various cutting machine products in China. The domestic laser cutting machine market is becoming larger and larger. Customers will always ask the price of domestic laser cutting machine, how to quote the laser cutting machine, and how much is the price of a domestic laser cutting machine.

Most customers still care about the price of laser cutting machines. Laser cutting machine is a non-contact cutting process. The ability and speed of the laser beam can be adjusted, and it can effectively achieve various processing purposes. The price of a domestic laser cutting machine is inseparable from the unique advantages of the product itself. For example, the quality, size, weight, need for maintenance, ease of operation of air cooling, operation level, service life in the working environment and processing accuracy of the beam will directly affect the domestic laser cutting machine. There are many products of laser cutting machines, and the price of laser cutting machines that can realize intelligence, automation and flexibility will not be too low. From this, it can be clearly judged that the price of domestic laser cutting machine is closely related to the conditions of the product itself.

The price of domestic laser cutting machines varies according to different brands and manufacturers of laser cutting machines. The price of a cheap domestic laser cutter is about 100000 yuan, while the price of an imported laser cutter is about 1 million yuan. Not all imported laser cutting machines are imported, but some key components are imported or most of them are imported. After domestic assembly and commissioning, some domestic manufacturers provide perfect after-sales service.

Of course, the price of domestic laser cutting machines with different power is also different. At present, taking the minimum power 500W fiber laser cutting machine as an example, the market quotation is around hundreds of thousands. Of course, different manufacturers have different quotations and equipment configurations. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the relevant detailed configuration first, and then ask different manufacturers for comparison.

Laser cutting is a very important application in laser processing technology. With the decline of laser cost and the maturity of laser cutting technology, laser cutting machines have been selling well, accounting for more than 30% of the laser processing equipment in the country.

If you want to know the quotation of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, you must first understand your company’s production scope, processing materials and cutting thickness, so as to determine the model, size and quantity of the laser cutting machine to be purchased, and prepare for the later procurement work. Simple bedding. The application fields of laser cutting machines involve mobile phones, computers, sheet metal processing, metal processing, electronics, printing, packaging, leather, clothing, industrial fabrics, advertising, handicrafts, furniture, decoration, medical devices and many other industries. The mainstream in the market are 3015 and 2513, that is, 3 meters by 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters by 1.3 meters, but the format is not a problem. Generally speaking, the company will have a variety of formats for customers to choose from and can customize.

1) After-sale service: The laser tube and reflector of the laser cutting machine are consumables with a certain service life and need to be replaced after expiration. This requires the manufacturer to provide strong after-sales service guarantee, so as to provide these consumables in a timely manner.

In order to be cheap, some users buy laser cutting machines from some small factories at very low prices. After half a year, the laser cutting machine needs to replace the laser tube. They contacted the manufacturer and found the building empty.

2) As the saying goes, the layman watches the bustle while the layman watches the door. It is also a laser cutting machine, but it uses different parts. The following example illustrates:

a) Stepping motor: it is related to the engraving accuracy of laser cutting machine. Some manufacturers choose imported stepper motors, some are stepper motors produced by joint ventures, and some are brand-name motors.

b) Laser lens: It is related to the power of the laser cutting machine. There are imported lenses and domestic lenses. There are two kinds of domestic lenses: imported materials and domestic materials. The price gap is large, and the gap between the use effect and the service life is also large.

c) Laser tube: This is the core part of the laser cutting machine. Due to the high price of imported laser tubes, which are generally around tens of thousands of yuan, most domestic laser cutting machines use domestic laser tubes. Domestic laser tubes are also good and bad, and the price difference is very large. The service life of a good laser tube is generally about 3000 hours.

d) Mechanical assembly quality: In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use very thin iron sheets to make machine shells, which are generally invisible to users, but with the passage of time, the frame will deform, thus affecting the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine. A good laser cutting machine should be of frame structure, welded with high-quality steel, and made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. When purchasing the machine, users can check whether the frame structure is used, and the thickness and strength of the shell iron sheet to understand the quality.

3) Functions of the machine: Some people familiar with laser cutting machines sigh that the configuration of laser cutting machines has increased so much now, and the price has decreased compared with previous years. How gratifying. However, some people immediately said that don’t be confused by those bright external things. If compared with the convenience and benefits of reliability and maintenance services, many new equipment are not as good as the “third” in previous years. The editor believes that users should pay more attention to the cost performance of laser cutting machines. The laser cutting machine with “medium configuration and moderate price” is our best choice. Many users fall into a misunderstanding and hope that the laser cutting machine they buy is “all-rounder” and can do everything. This is actually a big mistake.

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