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XT Laser – Fiber Cutting Machine

Laser cutting, as a new metal processing method, is widely used in industries such as metal and non-metallic materials due to its advantages of precision, speed, simple operation, and high degree of automation. Compared with traditional cutting methods, fiber optic cutting machines not only have low prices and consumption, but also have excellent cutting effects, accuracy, and speed due to the lack of mechanical pressure on the workpiece during laser processing. They also have the characteristics of reducing processing time, reducing processing costs, improving workpiece quality, safe operation, and simple maintenance. In recent years, the development speed of fiber optic cutting machines has been quite fast, and they have gradually replaced traditional processing methods.

In addition to general-purpose fiber optic cutting machines, high-performance laser cutting systems such as high-speed and high-precision fiber optic cutting machines, large-area thick plate fiber optic cutting machines, three-dimensional CNC fiber optic cutting machines, aerospace non-ferrous metal laser cutting machines, etc

1. High speed, high precision, and high-power fiber optic cutting machines are one of the development directions of fiber optic cutting machines;

2. With the increase in laser power available for laser cutting, fiber optic cutting machines are developing from light industrial sheet metal processing to a focus on industrial thick plate and large-sized workpiece cutting.

In order to meet the needs of three-dimensional workpiece cutting in industries such as automobiles and aviation, high-efficiency, high-precision, multifunctional, and highly adaptable three-dimensional optical fiber cutting machines are a new direction of development;

In order to improve productivity and save labor, laser cutting is currently developing towards laser cutting units (FMCs) and unmanned and automated directions; With the reduction and increase of laser power, as well as the continuous improvement of auxiliary devices, compact and integrated CNC fiber optic cutting machines have emerged, closely combining lasers, power supplies, hosts, control systems, and cooling water circulation devices, forming a complete set of compact fiber optic cutting machines with small footprint and complete functions.

With the rapid popularization of laser cutting technology, the market space is constantly expanding. The development focus of CNC laser cutting technology and equipment in China should mainly focus on the following areas: developing high-speed and high-precision CNC laser cutting equipment; Develop high-precision 3D laser cutting equipment; Develop laser cutting equipment for large format thick plates; Develop specialized laser cutting equipment for special industries.

Therefore, the key common technologies that need to be broken through in CNC laser cutting mainly include the following aspects:

1. Mechanical structure design and driving technology of fiber optic cutting machine

2. CNC technology for fiber optic cutting machines

3. High power laser beam transmission and focusing technology, laser cutting proprietary technology

4. Laser cutting specialized CAD/CAM software system

5. Design and manufacturing of high-power laser cutting heads for thick plates

6. Research on Laser Cutting Technology

CNC laser cutting equipment has an extremely wide market demand both domestically and internationally. There is a certain gap between China and foreign countries in terms of CNC laser cutting technology and equipment, but in recent years, it has developed rapidly. In the future, the development direction should focus on key technology research and development in areas such as high-speed, high-precision laser cutting, large format laser cutting, three-dimensional laser cutting, and special material laser cutting, forming industrialization to meet the growing market demand.

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