Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Home Appliance Industry


There are a lot of metal plates used in daily household appliances. How can the plates be processed most efficiently? Most cost-effective? In fact, the application of fiber laser cutting machines in the home appliance industry is no longer a industry secret. Whether it is a washing machine or an electric Pressure cooking, Rice cooker, etc., household appliances that are closely related to our life and diet are playing an increasingly important role in the home. And these appliances all involve stainless steel materials.

Among commonly used electrical products, laser cutting machines are mainly used for drilling and cutting shell metal parts, plastic parts, and metal parts (metal sheet parts account for over 30% of all parts) of washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other products. For example, cutting and processing of thin steel sheet parts, cutting of air conditioning metal accessories and metal covers, cutting and punching of the bottom or back heat dissipation mesh of refrigerators, and cutting of metal smoke guide plates of range hoods can be carried out.

The traditional stainless steel cutting process suffers from tool wear, low processing efficiency, and is prone to problems such as burrs, surface roughness, and deformation. On the contrary, laser cutting technology has many advantages and has become a common choice for stainless steel processing enterprises.

Advantages of laser cutting:

1. No processing stress, no deformation of the workpiece

The use of laser cutting equipment for cutting is not affected by the hardness of the material, which is determined by the characteristics of laser and is an advantage that traditional equipment cannot compare. Laser cutting can perform deformation free cutting on steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and hard alloy plates.

2. No need for secondary processing, high processing efficiency

Using laser cutting equipment to process stainless steel plates adopts a non-contact processing method, which will not affect the deformation of the workpiece or the next process. Moreover, after laser cutting treatment, there is no need for secondary treatment, and the cutting surface is smooth.

3. High positioning accuracy and smooth cutting surface

The laser beam is focused into very small light points, achieving a high power density at the focal point. The material is quickly heated to the point of vaporization, forming holes through evaporation. The beam quality is high, the positioning accuracy is high, and therefore the cutting accuracy is also high.

4. No tool wear, low maintenance cost

Using a laser cutting machine to cut stainless steel has no loss, high photoelectric conversion rate, and low processing cost. Using a fiber laser cutting machine is also maintenance free.

Laser cutting machines not only have unparalleled flexibility and processing accuracy in traditional cutting, corner cutting, hole opening, and edge trimming processes, but also can achieve customized, personalized, and high-volume production. Due to the use of “contactless processing” in laser cutting machines, there is no need for mold production and cost, and the processing graphics are made by software with diverse patterns. Therefore, it can effectively improve product quality, reduce production costs, and meet the customized and refined production needs of enterprises.

At present, the penetration rate of laser cutting machines in the home appliance manufacturing industry is far from enough. However, with the development of modern technology, the traditional processing techniques in the home appliance industry are constantly transforming and upgrading. Laser cutting is gradually becoming more competitive in improving processing quality and optimizing product appearance. Its importance has gradually been recognized by manufacturers, and it can be concluded that the application of laser technology in the home appliance industry will become increasingly widespread, Its development potential and market opportunities will be immeasurable.


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