Make embellishments with Postage Stamp Blanks


Hi everyone!

I’m going to use different types of thin gauge paper as for decoupage or napkins.

The first and most important thing to do is clean the chipboars very well, especially the edges. Clean them with a rag. This way you’ll avoid dirtying your work.

The second thing I’m going to do is paint a light layer of gesso on the sides and the edges.

And now I’m going to experiment with the different papers to see how they look once sticked: napkin, decoupage paper, patterned silk paper and masking tape. The process is the same with all: put a light layer of glue and stick the piece of paper on top. Smooth it well with the help of the wet brush.

Cut the excess right on the edge and push the excess paper out of the edges with the help of the brush, a dooting tool (something like that) and a file. You can make a small cuts in the paper to make the process easier.

And with a little care and time: voilà!

The best have been with the napkin and the masquin tape (the middle one and the bottom two). Interesting result indeed!

Thin gauge papers

Decoupage glue or glue diluted in water

Gesso, brush, scissors and file


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