GSL Cuts: The bathing machine


Hello everyone 

It’s Karolina here. I am sharing with you my new inspiration.

The bathing machine;what an awesome product!

The first step was to assemble all parts to make the bathing machine. To do it, I use glue.

You can see this step in my video. 

Unfortunately, the camera stopped recording after the first step. 

But for newbies, this short video could help.

When the glue dried, I covered everything using black gesso. 

The next step is to cut out all parts from paper to decorate the bathing machine outside and inside.

Using two square cutting dies, I made windows and added some lace.

I added some texture paste to make a more realistic roof then I splashed some Glimmer mists.

I cut out some graphic elements and decorated the bathing machine. 

To decorate the back of the bathing machine, I used some shells and glued them using a heavy body gel.

In the end, I added some colourful and shiny little stones and used gold wax on the edges and the steps.

GSL product:

Bathing Machine

Other products:

“Dreams at the beach” Paper collection


White paste

Black Gesso


Colourful stones



Glimmer mists

I hope you like my inspiration, and I cannot wait to see your inspiration for this project. Please share it on the GYPSY SOUL LASER CUTS Facebook group.

Thank you for stopping by!


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