Lazy Daze of Summer-A Peek-a-Boo Project


This is Jon David Lowe for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, growing up in the countryside of Pennsylvania, summer was time spent going to the swimming holes, building dams in the brook, catching crayfish,  searching for hellgrammites and night crawlers-the perfect bait for fishing. Staying up late, camping out in the backyard, taking nighttime walks, catching fireflies some call them lightening bugs, dipping our head  in the refreshing spring at the bottom of our property where the brilliant salamanders hid under the flat stepping stones. Often there would be a watermelon chilling in there along with a rainbow trout who enjoyed the oxygen rich waters. These are the inspirations for this artwork.

1.  Gather Supplies.

2.  Make Copies of Resized and Re-Colored Summer Gone By Illustrations on Transparencies and  Copies of County Fair Covers on Vintage Style Paper. 

3.   Cut to Size. Attach Transparencies to Cut Pieces of Copper Foil Using Glue Dot Runner-I Would Prefer Regular Double Sided Tape, But I am Adding This as a Decorative Element.

4.  Use a UHU Gluestick to Add Thicker Washi Tape to the Spines of GSLC ATC Folder Frames 1.

5.  Paint GSLC ATC Folder Frame 1 With Shades of Green and Brown Acrylic Paints. 

6.  Fill in Any Empty Spaces with TH Evergreen Bough Distress Stain.

7.  Paint Back Part of GSLC ATC Frames with  Shades of Red and Magenta Acrylic Paints.

8.  Color Front Part of GSLC ATC Frames with Shades of Yellow and Gold.

9.  Once Fully Dry, Attach the Two Parts of the Frames Together Using Weldbond.

10.                Use a Brayer to Randomly Add Hints of Red to the GSLC ATC Folders.

11.                Cut Out Printed Country Fair Covers and Glue to Front of GSLC ATC Folders Using UHU Gluestick.

12.                Use Copper Paint and Flower Rubber Stamps to Add a Layer to Inside Cover of GSLC ATC Folders 1

13.                Once Fully Dry Add Highlights of Pale Green Acrylic Paint to the Folders.

14.                To Add a Bit of Shimmer Dry Brush Aqua Flash Color Shift Paint to ATC Folders.

15.                Still Needing More Depth and Interest Add Rub on Transfers to These Two Parts of the GSLC ATC Folders.

16.                Use Dry Brush Technique to Add Splotches of Yellow, Cooper, Gold and Red to These Two Parts of the GSLC ATC Folders.

17.                Coat Everything in Matte Gel Medium.

18.                Use Double Sided Taped to Attach the Copper Layered Transparencies to Illustrations  to the Right Inside Section of the GSLC ATC Folders.

19.                Use Glossy Accents to Mimic a Glass Cover Over the Copper Layered Transparencies to Illustrations.

20.                Once Crystallized and Clear, Fold in Half and Allow to be Weighted Down Overnight.  

Some Final Thoughts.


Summer time is finally here

School is out and fishing time near.

Barefooted boys and fishing poles,

Down to the creek, to the ole swimming hole.

Running through the woods, along the river bank,

That old boat they used went and sank.

A can of worms, a hook and line,

Looking for a fishing pole, if they can find

Two good friends who share their fun,

They run and jump and chase the sun.

Running here, and running there.

Not any worries, not a care

But too soon, it must all end

For these two that were good friends.

Summer comes and summer moves on.

A few summers in your life, then you’re grown.

But there are days we can recall When we were friends, we had it all.

Doug Beggs


‘Tis fine to play

In the fragrant hay,

And romp on the golden load;

To ride old Jack

To the barn and back,

Or tramp by a shady road.

To pause and drink,

At a mossy brink;

Ah, that is the best of joy,

And so I say

On summer’s day,

What’s so fine as being a boy? Ha, Ha!

With line and hook

By a babbling brook,

The fisherman’s sport we ply;

And list the song

Of the feathered throng

That flit in the branches nigh.

At last we strip

For a quiet dip;

Ah, that is the best of joy.

For this I say

On a summer’s day,

What’s so fine as being a boy? Ha, Ha!

  Paul Laurence Dunbar


Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-ATC Frame Folder 1 and 2, Transparencies of Summer Gone By Illustrations, Copies of County Fair Covers, Pieces of Copper Foil, Glue Dot Runner, UHU Gluestick, Wider Washi Tape, Acrylic Pain in Tones of Green, Brown, Yellow, Red and Gold, TH Distress Stain Evergreen Bough, Weldbond, Brayer, Scissors, Copper Paint, Flower Stamps, Matte Gel Medium, Rub On Transfers, Glossy Accents

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!



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