Household Materials and Products You Can Mark


household materials and products you can mark

When people say marking systems, whether laser, dot peen, or inkjet, they think of more of their industrial applications. However, these marking systems are suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.

In terms of the commercial applications of these marking systems, this article will talk about some household materials and products you should try to mark and what you need to consider about the marking processes.

Category #1: Electrical Gadgets

Most electrical gadgets have inscriptions already. Nevertheless, you can introduce marking systems for identification and aesthetic purposes. Below are some electrical gadgets you can mark:


· Product #1: Computers and Laptops 

Number one products on our list are computers and laptops, as you can easily mark them with crafting, images, pictures, and names.

Laser and inkjet marking systems are the most common among the different marking systems compatible with these products. On the one hand, laser marking is accurate, precise, and compatible with the different materials used to make computers’ outer shells. Aside from that, it comprises different methods such as engraving, annealing, and 3D marking, which further dexterity to the marking process. On the other hand, inkjet marking gives better color options. However, it does not give permanent markings.

Due to compatibility issues, process mechanism, and structural integrity, the dot peening marking system is unsuitable for computers and laptops. The products are fragile. Imagine placing your computer under something that will smack it. What do you think will happen to your screen?

· Product #2: Fans

Like computers, your fans might need a little inscription to show ownership. Consequently, you might need a marking system. Fans are majorly metals or plastics. As a result, the best marking system is the laser marking system using machines such as HS-FL10HS-FL20, and HS-FL30A. Of the machines, the HS-FL10 is highly recommended due to its low power.

There are other electric gadgets you can mark. The list ranges from your television to iron and speakers. Most times, marking electric gadgets is for identification and traceability. Therefore, you should choose a marking process that delivers permanent markings

Category #2: Products Used Outside

Marking systems should be majorly considered for household products used outside because they are easy to be misplaced. Below are a few products and materials you should try out:

· Product #3: Water reservoir 

Although not common, your water reservoir should have markings for identification. While using a nail to inscribe your initials or other forms of markings will get the job done, with a household marking machine, you have more efficiency and effectiveness.

A laser marking system is the most suitable for this product, and we recommend a portable etching machine like the HS-FL30A. Although some argue that laser engraving is better, laser etching on a water reservoir is more visible. Also, we are not considering the dot peening machine because laser markers are easier to use and deliver more visible markings. Furthermore, inkjet marking is out of the question because it does not give permanent markings, which is needed since the product is used outside.

· Product #4: Pumping Machine

Another product you should think of marking is the pumping machine. Here, there is a myriad of marking systems to select from. Laser marking machines again trumps others. However, you could still experiment with dot peening. It would be best if you did not try the inkjet marking system because it does not give permanent markings.

Category #3: Products used in the Kitchen

Kitchen products and materials enjoy the most benefits from marking systems. With a portable marking machine, below are a few products you can try your hands on:

Spoon Marking

· Product 5: Cutleries

Cutleries are the easiest things to lose in the kitchen. For this, you might need some personalization in the form of initials. The best marking systems for these are the dot peen and laser marking (engraving and etching). Unfortunately, inkjet marking is not suitable because most cutleries are exposed to harsh chemicals and liquids during their use.

· Products 6: Cooking Utensils

Another important product mothers would be able to have personalized cooking utensils such as cooking pots, kettles, plates, etc. A personal marking machine allows you to control the marking you give and deliver your sense of aesthetics.

Many other kitchen products need other forms of identification. However, you should ensure that they are compatible. Use factors such as the materials and the exposure to chemicals to ascertain your selection.

Category #4: Living Room Products

The living room also has many things you could consider marking. Here are a few you can try out.

· Product #7: Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs already have aesthetics. Therefore, marking them would be more for identification and traceability. Again, laser marking is the most common method for these products based on their material compatibility, marking quality, contrast, etc. For example, you can use CO2 laser markers for the best quality and contrast for wooden furniture, while a UV laser marking machine would be ideal for some plastic furniture.

Why You Should Think of Marking Machines for Household Materials

We can’t give you all the products and materials in your household. However, we hope you understand why you should get a marking machine. If not, think of the reasons below:

· Personalization

Personalizing your household items can help you keep track of their whereabouts. As a result, most of the products introduced for this reason are kitchen products.

· Identification

A personal marking machine allows you to mark your household materials with identifying marks such as initials, pictures, etc. This will also aid in product and material traceability.

Factors That Will Influence Your Choice of Marking System

Below are some things you must consider when choosing a marking system for your product.

· Fragility

The right process should not interfere with the mechanical properties of the products. For instance, dot peening is unsuitable for computers because their bodies are fragile. Also, when choosing a laser marking machine, ensure that parameters such as laser power are perfectly optimized and the machine is compatible with the casing material. For inkjet, select the right ink that is compatible with the casing.

· Environment of use

Household materials exposed to harsh conditions should be marked with marking systems that denote permanency. For example, laser marking and dot peening are suitable for water reservoirs and kitchen products due to this attribute. However, inkjet marking machines are not ideal because they lack permanency.

· Contrast

Marking processes such as laser annealing and inkjet have better contrasts and should be considered for products where contrast is important.

· Portable machines

This is very important as marking households should be done with ease. Portable dot peen and laser marking machines are plenty in the market. You can check our catalog for the best one for you.

Get the Right Marking Machine

Although most people think that laser marking systems are for industrial applications, they are suitable for commercial and industrial applications. As a result, this article showed you some household materials you can mark and what to consider when making a choice.

Are you looking for a household laser or dot peen marking machine? Please go through our recommended machines or contact us.

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