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Laser Ing has successfully taken over a powder coating company. This strategic acquisition expands its portfolio of metal processing and protection services and strengthens the company’s market-leading position.

The leading Croatian company for providing metal processing services, Laser Ing, proudly announces its latest acquisition – the successful takeover of a powder coating company, further strengthening its market-leading position and expanding its business to new horizons.

This strategic acquisition represents a significant step forward for Laser Ing, enabling them to expand their services as well as offerings to their clients in Croatia and the EU. Powder coating, as a key process for protecting metals from corrosion, will now be an integral part of the service portfolio that Laser Ing offers.


“We are extremely pleased with this acquisition as it opens the doors to providing complete services to our valued customers. The combination of our expertise in CNC metal processing with the capabilities of powder coating will create a synergy that will further solidify our market-leading position in this segment,” stated Leonardo Kaščel, President of the management board of Laser Ing.

This move will not only further strengthen the company’s market position but will also create new jobs. Both teams will collaborate to ensure a smooth integration and maximize results for all stakeholders.
This acquisition reflects Laser Ing’s vision to become a comprehensive partner in the metal processing industry, while ensuring innovative solutions and high-quality services.


Laser Ing, the leading service center for metal cutting in Croatia, proudly provides its services to numerous renowned companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. In addition to cutting services, the company also offers bending, welding, the production of metal structures and assemblies, and powder coating.

The company’s vision is to become the preferred supplier of metal processing services for leading companies from the region and the European Union, and its success in the market and high level of service quality, confirmed by the application of ISO standards and TQM in all business processes, make Laser Ing the right partner for the future.

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