Deep Laser Engraving on a Rifle Barrel


Industry: Firearms

Material: Stainless steel

Mark Data Type: Logo + text

Laser Mark Type: Deep engraving with a 80-watt Hybrid laser

Time: about 2 minutes per mark to achieve the 0.02″ depth

Rifle Barrel Deep engraving

HYBRID-fiber-LASER-marking-system-NEWThe Jimani Hybrid fiber laser marking system is the state of the art in industrial direct part marking lasers. The Hybrid fiber laser marker uses the latest solid-state Ytterbium fiber laser systems (Infrared1060-1080nm) possessing a powerful and efficient combination of flexible fiber delivery, high peak power, excellent beam quality, and the best wall-plug efficiency available.

Standard laser sizes are either 30 or 60 watt JPT MOPA Fiber Lasers. Standard focusing lenses provide either a 5 inch or 8 inch square marking field and the system can be optionally configured with Jimani’s proprietary reversable beam expander.

All Langolier Fiber Laser Marking Systems are supplied with Leopardmark Laser Marking Software, a user-friendly, proven, robust laser marking systems software package.

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