How to operate a laser cutting machine correctly?


With the continuous development and updating of technology, although laser cutting machines are becoming more and more convenient to operate, they also need to pay attention to safety during daily use. How to use laser cutting machines safely? How to use a laser cutting machine correctly? It is a question that everyone needs to consider. In fact, many people do not have a true set of operating safety regulations in their minds. How to use a laser cutting machine to be considered safe operation? Today I will give you the answer.

1、 Before daily work

1. Check whether the water temperature of laser and chiller is normal

2. Check if the gas pressure meets the requirements

3. Check whether the exhaust fan, cold dryer and industrial circulating water chiller work normally

4. Check whether the focusing lens is polluted (the Carbon-dioxide laser directly pulls out the lens for observation, and the fiber laser feels whether the temperature at the focusing lens housing is abnormal after half an hour of operation, and the equipment can be started only after ensuring that there is no abnormality

2、 During daily work

1. Strictly follow the order of starting and closing the machine to prevent burning out the electrical components of the machine

2. Do not turn on the power switch with wet hands to prevent electric shock

3. When opening liquid gas, the person’s face should not be facing the exhaust port of the gas to prevent frostbite. During operation, it is also necessary to wear antifreeze gloves, and smoking is prohibited near the gas or in the workshop to prevent fire

4. Confirm material type, thickness, and size during cutting

5. After entering the program and adjusting the cutting parameters, simulate the cutting program to ensure that there are no errors before executing the cutting program

6. When operating the machine, the radiation protection door of the machine tool must be closed

7. When operating an IPG laser, it is necessary to wear radiation resistant glasses, otherwise it is prohibited to operate the machine

8. During the cutting process, it is prohibited to directly look at the cutting sparks with the naked eye, otherwise it may cause eye injuries

9. Non professional personnel are prohibited from opening the laser casing to prevent electric shock

10. It is strictly prohibited for operators to leave the operating platform during machine operation

11. During the operation process, if a part rotates and needs to be dealt with, the program needs to be suspended and the magnification set to “0”, and the light must be turned off before entering the machine tool working area to handle the fault. During the fault handling process, the operator is not allowed to enter the operating area to operate the machine

Laser cutting machines must pay attention to the operating procedures and precautions in production to avoid accidents. Only standardized operation can maintain safe production while protecting oneself from damage.

About XT Laser

Jinan XT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Jinan, Quanzhou City. The company is committed to providing advanced laser cutting machines, marking machines, welding machines, cleaning machines, and supporting automation systems in the global laser industry, as well as a full process service experience. It is a professional laser industrial application solution provider that integrates research and development, production, and sales.

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