3D laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry


XT 3D Laser Cutting Machine

XT Laser specializes in the development and production of laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, and 3D laser cutting machines. The automobile industry is one of the most widely used fields of laser processing, which usually focuses on laser cutting and laser welding. Laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For some high-strength steel structural parts with complex contours, three-dimensional laser cutting is a very effective processing method from a technical or economic perspective.

As an advanced manufacturing equipment, the importance of laser cutting machines in the automotive manufacturing process is gradually becoming prominent.

Laser cutting and laser welding are required in all fields of auto manufacturing. Laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. In developed industrial countries such as Europe and the United States, 50%~70% of auto parts are processed by laser.

In China, currently, laser cutting machines have achieved significant results in improving efficiency and processing quality in automotive manufacturing and automotive component processing, and have achieved significant market effects.

The application of 3D laser cutting machines has reduced mold investment, greatly shortened the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and component suppliers, improved processing efficiency and precision of cutting workpieces, and is a powerful tool for automobile manufacturers and component suppliers to improve their competitiveness.

Laser cutting in the automobile manufacturing process includes the laser cutting of sheet metal in great demand, and the 3D laser cutting system of automobile, involving various aspects of automobile parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile trunk, automobile roof cover, automobile body design and manufacturing.

3D laser cutting machines are increasingly widely used in the automotive industry, but their core component, the 3D five axis cutting head, is rarely sold by foreign companies due to confidentiality and technological lockdowns. This has created a situation where equipment in the industry market mainly relies on imports, with high prices and long delivery times.

The use of sheet metal laser cutting machine has high accuracy, low pollution, high efficiency, and can save a lot of mold manufacturing costs, with lower costs. It also meets the requirements of medium to small batch, large area, and complex contour shape sheet metal cutting.

The advantages of 3D laser cutting also include high flexibility and low labor intensity. Laser cutting machines can flexibly respond to various complex and special processing requirements, special material workpieces, and temporary changes in processing requirements, such as changes in curved surfaces, trimming, and holes.

In today’s automotive manufacturing industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and constantly introducing new products is necessary to meet the pursuit of high-end and meet the needs of mass production. As an advanced thermal cutting equipment that integrates multiple disciplines, laser cutting machines integrate computer numerical control technology, high-precision mechanical transmission, and advanced laser applications. They have the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, non-contact, and pollution-free. Today, with the trend of automotive lightweight, their prospects will become increasingly broad.

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