How to choose a cost-effective metal laser cutting machine


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Metal laser cutting machine, literally we can also know that it is a mechanical equipment used for metal cutting. In fact, the application range of metal laser cutting machines is very wide now, not only in the metal field, but also in some precision processing industries, such as substrate processing for 5G communication equipment. Metal laser cutting machines are also used. Metal laser cutting machines need to have stable and efficient performance, and there will be no problems during use. Many customers are not familiar with metal laser cutting machines when purchasing equipment, so they do not know how to choose. So, how should they choose a cost-effective metal laser cutting machine? Below, professionals from metal laser cutting machine manufacturers will introduce them to you.

1. Selection of metal laser cutting machines

When customers choose a metal laser cutting machine, they must first confirm the type of cutting plate or pipe, the thickness of the pipe, and the processing quality requirements based on their actual usage. Then, they can choose a metal laser cutting machine, which is targeted and easier to choose. Moreover, the selected metal laser cutting opportunity is more suitable for your processing needs.

2. There is a national quality inspection report

At present, there are many manufacturers of metal laser cutting machines in the market, but not all of them produce legitimate metal laser cutting machines with guaranteed quality. Some manufacturers produce metal laser cutting machines that are “three no” products, which may leave safety hazards during use. Therefore, when customers choose metal laser cutting machines, they must choose from reputable manufacturers, And we need to ask the manufacturer to provide the national quality system certification for the metal laser cutting machine. If the other party cannot provide us with such a metal laser cutting machine, even if the price is even more favorable, we should not choose it.

3. Choose based on actual usage

When customers choose metal laser cutting machines, they must choose the type of metal laser cutting machine based on their processing needs and characteristics. That is to say, when choosing a metal laser cutting machine, it is necessary to make the selection based on your actual usage situation.

4. Cutting efficiency

Cutting efficiency is a profitable indicator for evaluating metal laser cutting machines. Cutting efficiency refers to the time required to cut a workpiece, rather than simply looking at cutting speed. All parameters can be forged, only the cutting time cannot be forged. The higher the cutting efficiency, the higher the processing cost, and the lower the operating cost, making it a tool for making money.

5. Cutting accuracy

Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting a machine tool, which refers to the contour accuracy of the workpiece being cut, rather than the static accuracy marked on the sample. The difference between a good machine tool and a poor machine tool lies in whether the accuracy of high-speed cutting parts will change, and whether the consistency of the workpiece will change significantly when cutting at different positions.

6. Quality and stability of equipment

The quality and stability of equipment are also very important indicators. Nowadays, the product development cycle is short, and the updates are becoming faster and faster. There is a lot of product diversity, sample trial production, and batch production. It is very important to ensure the quality and stability of equipment to complete customer orders with high quality and quantity.

In a word, when choosing a metal laser cutting machine, the customer must choose a high-quality fire pump produced by a regular metal laser cutting machine manufacturer, with a quality inspection report issued by the relevant national department, and must choose according to its actual use. Applicable metal laser cutting machine models.

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