Advantages and Precautions of 3D Laser Cutting Machine


How to Understand 3D Laser Cutting

Traditional machining programs require workpiece data measurement, drawing, mold design and development, mold production, trial production, mold repair, etc. Only after these procedures are completed can mass production be completed. This process usually takes more than 15 days. 3D laser cutting only requires a set of forming molds to cut out workpieces, greatly shortening the development cycle and reducing production costs. It can also timely identify design and development issues, reduce overall research and development costs, improve processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy.

The so-called 3D fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced laser cutting equipment that uses specialized fiber laser heads, high-precision capacitor tracking systems, fiber lasers, and industrial robot systems to perform multi angle and multi-directional flexible cutting of metal sheets of different thicknesses.

At present, 3D laser cutting is widely used in industries such as sheet metal processing, hardware processing, advertising production, kitchenware, automobiles, lighting fixtures, saw blades, elevators, metal handicrafts, textile machinery, grain machinery, aerospace, medical equipment, instruments and meters. Especially in the sheet metal processing industry, it has replaced traditional processing methods and is favored by industry users.

In daily use, I may encounter some problems. Below, I will share some with you:

Why does a robot 3D laser cutting machine have different cutting quality when cutting the same workpiece. The effect of cutting straight lines or large edges is good, but the effect is much worse when cutting corners or small holes, and in severe cases, there may be scrapings.

1. Structural reasons for robots.

The mechanical structure of a six axis robotic arm is a six axis series structure, and the reducers of all six axes have accuracy errors.

When the robot walks on a straight line, the six axis conversion angle is small and the cutting quality is good. However, when the robot is in circular motion or needs to undergo large angle conversion, the cutting quality will significantly decrease.

2. The reason for the robot’s instant.

The reason why different postures have different impacts on cutting quality is due to issues with the force arm and load. The length of the arm varies in different postures, resulting in different cutting effects.

3. Debugging of 3D laser cutting machine.


A. Improve cutting process (cutting material, speed, gas pressure, gas type, etc.)

Generally, when the robotic arm passes through the vertex of the arc at the corner, the dwell time is relatively long. Here, we usually use deceleration, power reduction, and real-time adjustment of the air pressure to reduce the shaking of the robotic arm. Power reduction is to reduce overburning, and in addition, real-time adjustment of the air pressure is combined with real-time adjustment of the speed and power, so the problem of corner overburning can be greatly improved. If it also involves different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc, We can solve the problem of real-time adjustment of air pressure for different cutting plates by adding high-pressure proportional valves and other related accessories.

B. Work hard on the mold

Make suitable tools for specific workpieces. Do not place the tool in the travel limit position. The cutting path of the workpiece should be placed as much as possible in a position where the robotic arm can “comfortably” cut. In addition, for some pipe fittings or holes, let the workpiece rotate while the robot remains stationary or moves less.

c. Adjusting the robot’s posture

The operator needs to adjust the robot posture and reasonably allocate the rotation angle of each axis through “manual teaching”. For high-precision positions, the posture of the robot should be as “comfortable” as possible, and during the cutting process, the number of linkage axes should be minimized.

The above is the relevant information of the 3D laser cutting machine organized by Xintian Laser for you, hoping to be helpful to you.

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