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With the rapid development of economic construction in recent years, China’s influence as the world’s second largest economic power has become increasingly stable. Among them, the development of the fiber laser cutting machine industry has also made contributions, and China has become a recognized manufacturing power. The manufacturer of Xintian Laser-laser cutting mechanism found that many enterprises are still in the initial stage of labor-intensive. In western capitalist countries, unmanned production lines have been realized through automatic industrial equipment. China is still producing and manufacturing products with the majority of human capital. This is a very big difference.

The market demand for fiber laser cutting machine equipment is rich.

With the development trend of industrial production, the demand for workers in all fields will increase significantly. In a manufacturing unit, the wages of labor-intensive employees are a very large expense, and the cost is rising sharply. On the premise of ensuring product quality, we should make products with higher cost performance. The only way is to reduce product costs and improve productivity. Human operation speed is relatively limited. No matter what process or product. Everyone knows that machine operation is possible. Employees’ wages will not be reduced (according to the definition of the Labor Contract Law), and they must pay on time every month. With the increase of employees’ working hours, the cost also increases.

Therefore, the requirements for enterprises to choose optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment are increasing, because the specific conditions of each enterprise are different. The cost of optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment can be estimated in advance, such as: machine depreciation, electricity, gas, daily maintenance, actual operator salary, etc. The production efficiency of a machine can be equivalent to several (at least) to dozens or even hundreds of people. The faster the speed, the higher the cost of the machine. The product cost of the product is saved to the maximum extent. Moreover, the quality of products produced by fiber laser cutting machine equipment is more guaranteed. In China after the financial crisis, the automatic fiber laser cutting machine must be more powerful.

The localization proportion of fiber laser cutting machine equipment is gradually increasing.

The sales market of optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment will continue to grow, and the application of technical products will continue to improve. In this industry, China’s overall level is 10-20 years behind that of capitalist countries. The new fiber laser cutting machine equipment is usually electromechanical equipment, which fully utilizes the new achievements of information technology. Designers in some domestic companies do not understand electronic products and are afraid or unable to choose, which greatly limits the improvement of their level. However, in recent years, the new fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the Pearl River Delta and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and Chinese enterprises are catching up.

As one of the outstanding enterprises in the industry, Jinan Xintian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise positioned to integrate the research and development of fiber laser cutting machine products, laser equipment integration, sales and services. Introduce advanced technology, quickly track the latest international development trend, and form a comprehensive enterprise integrating product research and development, manufacturing and marketing in the laser technology industry.

With the development of a number of independent innovative enterprises in China, the proportion of optical fiber laser cutting machine products manufactured in China has steadily increased.

Current situation and development trend of fiber laser cutting machine equipment industry.

With the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more companies focus on the field of factory automation, which also brings development opportunities for this field. In addition, how to improve the service level has also become the top priority of the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing industry. At present, there are a large number of fiber laser cutting machine enterprises in China, but their common characteristics are small scale, late start and simple market competition. How to participate in the market competition in this field has become a challenge.

In general, at this stage, large, medium and small fiber laser cutting machine enterprises are mostly faced with three major challenges: capital, talent and sales. Only by solving these three problems in a balanced way can they survive and have the opportunity to deal with the possible sales opportunities in the market. Therefore, we must calm down and work hard, always adhere to the business policy of credit first, customer first and quality first, and serve every customer with care. Provide customers with integrated solutions from planning, production and processing, assembly to adjustment. From product design concept → planning → production and processing → assembly → adjustment, we provide customers with a complete set of solutions.

Because the technical threshold in this field is relatively high, it is not easy to do this. It involves design, production, installation, on-site commissioning, after-sales service and other stages, and the construction of enterprise teams is particularly important. Due to the small business scale, how to get rid of the dilemma of insufficient division of responsibilities is also a difficult point.

Where there are difficulties, there are opportunities. Facing the bright prospect, development trend and growth space of the fiber laser cutting machine industry, it is also a special attraction of this industry. Enterprises that have passed the initial stage of survival will eventually usher in the rapid development of the industry.

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