Five core technologies of fiber laser cutting machine


XT Laser-fiber laser cutting machine

All fiber laser is the best way to realize the practicality and industrialization of fiber laser, and is also the only technical solution to enter the commercialization and industrialization at present. The development of all-fiber lasers involves five key technologies: double-clad fiber, cladding pump coupling, fiber grating, high-power multimode pumped semiconductor laser and fiber laser.

Five core technologies of fiber laser cutting machine:

1. Special optical fiber technology

All fiber lasers need to use a variety of special fibers, such as double-clad active fiber, double-clad photosensitive fiber, energy transmission fiber, etc. With the continuous increase of output power, the technical requirements for special fibers are also higher and higher. Therefore, the development of fiber will play an important role in the development of fiber lasers. The new generation of special fiber represented by photonic crystal fiber will be gradually applied to the development of fiber lasers.

The development of special optical fiber will make active optical fiber have higher gain, higher power density and more effective absorption of pump light. It will make the fabrication of grating easier, the stability of grating better, and the application of grating in fiber laser will be more extensive. It will enable the energy transmission fiber to transmit higher power, transmit the high-power laser to a longer distance, and continuously expand the transmissible wavelength range. The pump coupling is easier to realize, and the tolerable pump power is higher and the loss is smaller.

2. Fiber grating technology

In the all-fiber laser, the current function of the fiber grating is to reflect the signal light of the fiber core to form a resonant cavity. With the further development of fiber laser technology, there will be new applications in fiber grating lasers, which will affect the production technology of fiber grating. Fabrication of high quality fiber grating on large core mode fiber is one of the directions worthy of attention.

3. Cladding pump coupling technology

The cladding pumping coupling technology of all-fiber lasers plays an inestimable role in determining the performance and level of fiber lasers. The fiber pump coupler and fiber power combiner for high power all-fiber lasers are used under very high power conditions. The coupling degree should be high, the loss should be small, the power should be large, and the number of input optical paths should be as much as possible.

Under so many extreme conditions, it is very difficult to manufacture high-quality pump coupling devices and power synthesis devices. However, there are various ways to achieve it. This is a challenging technology. From the development trend of high-power fiber lasers, it is also required that the pump coupling device should not affect and damage the core of the double-clad fiber while coupling the pump light to the inner cladding. In the case of laser generation and transmission, cascade pumping is realized and ultra-high power output is realized. Develop the pump coupling technology and the development direction of the pump coupling device with the least impact on the fiber core. For optical power synthesis devices, the goal is to continuously improve the synthetic optical power.

4. Fiber laser technology

There is a lot of knowledge, content, technology, process and experience in the design and production of all fiber lasers. This is the core and the most critical technology in the design and production of all fiber lasers, especially in the development history of new high-power all-fiber lasers. Today’s time is relatively short, and there is still much groundbreaking work to be done. The overall design and manufacture of all fiber lasers not only need to carry out reasonable design for applications, but also shoulder the important task of improving and innovating the overall structure and scheme. At present, manufacturers all over the world who design and manufacture fiber laser machines have invested a lot of money in innovation.

5. Diode-pumped laser technology

Diode-pumped laser is the key component of fiber laser, which is crucial to the reliability, life and production cost of fiber laser. The development of a single semiconductor pump laser with wide luminous area and long life has become one of the semiconductor pump lasers of fiber lasers. A trend.

The key point is to continuously improve the output power of a single laser, continuously reduce the cost and further improve the reliability. Among them, improving and innovating the packaging structure should be the core work, because the current packaging cost still accounts for a high proportion.

The knowledge, content, technology, process and experience involved in the design and manufacture of the whole fiber laser are the most core and key technologies in the design and manufacture of the whole fiber laser. Especially today, when the development history of the new high-power all-fiber laser is still quite short, there is still a lot of pioneering work to be carried out. To design and manufacture the whole fiber laser, it is not only necessary to carry out reasonable design for the application, Moreover, it is responsible for the improvement and innovation of the structure and scheme of the whole machine, as well as the improvement and innovation of various important components and key technologies. At present, manufacturers engaged in the design and manufacture of the whole machine of fiber lasers all over the world have invested a lot in innovation.

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