XT Open Single Platform Laser Cutting Machine has unlimited potential!


XT Open Single Platform Laser Cutting Machine has unlimited potential!

1KW –4KW ± 0.02mm 100m/min

Laser power repetitive positioning accuracy, maximum linkage speed

What is the outstanding feature of the XT H series?

High precision cutting process

Flight Cutting Lean Production

High strength workbench

Easy disassembly and replacement without hindering production

intelligent control system

Intelligent edge search runs smoothly

Exquisite, practical, and easy to operate

Automatic focusing and stable operation

Precision gear and rack rotation

Precision transformation and efficient production

Servo drive real-time feedback

Leading technology with stable performance

Unlimited potential for high-quality production

Hollow tube welded bed

More guaranteed cutting accuracy

The bed adopts a hollow tube welded bed structure that has been analyzed, demonstrated and verified multiple times by CAE. After strict annealing, deformation prevention, precision processing and other processes, the bed has higher reliability and stability, minimizing the risk of high-power thermal deformation, and meeting production and usage needs.

High pressure formed aluminum crossbeam

High rigidity, more stable and durable

The aluminum crossbeam formed based on rigid flexible coupling analysis, combined with higher power adaptive servo drive, reasonable layout design brings stronger dynamic performance and more efficient production efficiency, and effectively reduces the problem of slag hanging at cutting corners and subsequent polishing processes, saving equipment and labor costs.

Intelligent CNC system

Flexible control and convenient deployment

Based on a powerful CNC system support, it is stable, reliable, and functionally rich, supporting the provision of modular, personalized, and information-based solutions. The system host is easily linked to the servo module, module, and height adjustment module, and the visual system is visually debugged, saving time and easy processing.

Rich application scenarios

Multi industry empowerment

Value added full grid


#Exquisite craftsmanship, simple yet extraordinary#

More environmentally friendly/intelligent design/easy operation/low maintenance cost

Autonomous detection/intelligent alarm/rapid response

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