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I often find that friends leave messages on our official website, or someone pays attention to our WeChat official account of XT Laser and asks our customer service personnel how about the xxx brand optical fiber laser cutting machine, whether it is good, whether it is worth buying, how much the optical fiber laser cutting machine costs, and a series of questions. Next, I will make a simple analysis on this issue, but one point is clear, It is not recommended to buy the fiber laser cutting machine from the small workshop.

Why is the fiber laser cutting machine in the small workshop unreliable? This is really not about me belittling some brands, nor is it about someone giving me money to deliberately inflate some brands. I can roughly estimate that either there are relatives or friends in the fiber laser cutting machine industry, or small brand salespeople are fooling around. Since these brand products are unreliable and expensive, how can they make you buy their fiber laser cutting machine? It’s nothing but exaggeration and exaggeration. In fact, this is an ordinary fiber laser cutting machine, with a normal market price of around 200000 yuan. They sold it at a premium of 3 to 4 times, and some people still think it’s good. There are also some small brands, and many people believe that small brands have high cost-effectiveness because they do not spend a lot of money on advertising like big brands. Everyone thinks that wool comes from sheep, and ultimately consumers pay for it. In fact, it is not. Most small brands not only have poor quality, but also have higher prices than big brands.

The main reasons for the chaos in this industry are:

1. Small brands have low sales, one pitfall is another.

2. Small brands have high manufacturing costs because of their high raw material procurement costs.

3. Small brands have poor automated production and high personnel costs.

4. Small brands have poor quality control and are unwilling to dispose of unqualified products.

What is the price of a regular fiber laser cutting machine? For example, the general fiber laser cutting machine of XT Laser is priced around 200000 yuan at a low price. Of course, some are more expensive, but they are not too outrageous. The specific configuration varies, and the suppliers of raw materials such as lasers have different prices. It cannot be bought for over 100000 yuan, it is too cheap, it is also too expensive, it is too pitfall. The price of fiber laser cutting machines is mainly based on the size and overall configuration, in addition to factors such as brand and laser brand. In the first two years, it was mainly based on 3015, and later on 40206020. Now, vigorously developing 8025 is also the mainstream direction in the future. In short, the larger the laser power and width, the more expensive the price. The price is basically between 200000 to several million yuan, with a relatively large range. Don’t buy fiber laser cutting machines that are too cheap, but they won’t be too cheap because the cost is there. Don’t choose those that are too expensive, after all, buying fiber laser cutting machines is not like buying luxury goods. It’s not like taking them out all day and leaving them in the workshop, just being easy to use.

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