What is Galvo Laser? Explore Its Capabilities


Industrial Manufacturing:

Galvo lasers are commonly used in automotive and electronics industries to mark parts with serial numbers, barcodes, and designs. They are important in production lines where traceability and quality control are crucial. They can mark hard materials like metals quickly and accurately.


Medical Device Marking:

The precision and non-contact nature of galvo lasers make them ideal for marking medical devices. They can add serial numbers and logos to surgical tools and implants without harming the surface or sterility.



Galvo lasers are used in electronics to mark components with small codes and labels for inventory and quality control. Their ability to work at high speeds with minimal heat impact ensures that sensitive electronic parts are not damaged.


Jewelry and Craftsmanship:

Galvo lasers can perform detailed engravings on precious metals and other materials used in jewelry making. They help make detailed designs and personal touches, which are important in custom jewelry and artisan crafts.



CO2 galvo lasers are used to engrave codes, expiration dates, and graphics on paper and cardboard for packaging applications. This helps in branding as well as regulatory compliance​ .



The aerospace industry utilizes galvo lasers for marking critical components. The marks made are durable and capable of withstanding extreme conditions, which is vital for safety and compliance in aerospace applications​.

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