What is a VIN; Key Things You Should Know


Why is VIN So Important?

Being the car’s fingerprint, VIN provides the car’s details according to the manufacturer which you can use to track what happened to it. That includes information about the year of production, the country it was produced, and full details of the manufacturer.

If a car gets involved in a crash, the frequency of accidents, how often the car has been bought or sold, or even details about oil changes, tire replacement, brake checks, and more are all recorded on the car’s VIN.

It’s key to unlocking the past events of your car by providing you its history. As a result, it is especially important for people who want to buy a used car.

You can also know if a car was stolen and where it was used before shipping to your country of residence. For this effect, there is a database of VINs in the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) database which allows law enforcers to identify stolen vehicles.

You’d agree that not checking a used car’s VIN before purchasing is a quick way to land yourself in trouble. Furthermore, using it, you can check other abnormalities that can be used to swindle people, such as rolling back or flipping the car odometer.

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