What is a thin plate laser cutting machine


XT Laser Thin Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Thin plate laser cutting machine, also known as thin plate fiber laser cutting machine, is mainly used for cutting metal thin plates, with thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. Usually, the power range of the thin plate laser cutting machine is around 500W-1000W. If you are mainly engaged in processing metal thin plates, then the thin plate fiber laser cutting machine is the ideal choice because the thin plate laser cutting machine processes metal thin plates quickly and has good processing results!

Characteristics of thin plate laser cutting machine:

The thin plate fiber laser cutting machine has good quality and adopts a mechanical follow-up cutting head system. The cutting head follows the height of the plate, and the cutting point position remains unchanged, making the cutting seam flat and smooth. The section does not require post-processing, and is suitable for cutting flat or curved plates.

The thin plate fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and good stability. The thin plate fiber laser cutting machine adopts a precision ball screw transmission mechanism, optimizes the control of the CNC system, and can meet the requirements of precision parts processing, with stable dynamic performance and sustainable long-term operation.

The exhaust treatment of the thin plate fiber laser cutting machine is generally only aimed at local operations on the cutting surface, specifically controlling the local airflow to prevent local workplaces from being polluted by harmful substances and maintain a good air environment. The general local exhaust unit of metal laser cutting machines consists of four parts: a gas collection hood, an air duct, a purification system, and a fan.

The thin plate fiber laser cutting machine has a large cutting width, is suitable for cutting multiple materials, and is widely used, with a cutting width of 2500mm × Metal plate within 1250mm. For thin plate fiber laser cutting machines, they can replace CO2 laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, and shearing machines, and their overall cost is equivalent to 1/4 of CO2 laser cutting machines and 1/2 of CNC punching machines.

The local exhaust system of thin plate fiber laser cutting machine can be divided into fixed local exhaust system and mobile local exhaust system according to different gas collection methods. The fixed local exhaust system is mainly used in large CNC cutting production workshops with fixed operating locations and workers’ operating methods. It can fix the position of the gas collection hood in one go according to the actual situation.

The mobile local exhaust system of the thin plate fiber laser cutting machine operates relatively flexibly, and can adopt different working postures according to different working conditions, ensuring processing efficiency and convenience for operators. The purification system for smoke and harmful gases in CNC cutting of thin plate fiber laser cutting machine usually adopts a combination of bag or electrostatic dust removal and adsorbent purification method, which has high processing efficiency and stable working state.

What are the advantages of using a fiber laser cutting machine to cut carbon steel sheets?

After the application of laser in the processing of carbon steel plates, many customers are concerned and repeatedly inquire about the many advantages it can bring us during the cutting process. Today, let’s introduce in detail the advantages of laser cutting machines for cutting carbon steel plates.

Carbon steel is a material that is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%, and generally contains a small amount of other elements. The higher the carbon content, the greater the strength and reduced plasticity.

Advantages of Thin Plate Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Carbon Steel:

1. Good cutting quality

Good cutting quality, small cutting seams, small deformation, smooth, flat, and beautiful cutting surface, without the need for subsequent processing;

2. Fast cutting speed

Continuous and fast curve cutting function and shortest machining path optimization function greatly improve work efficiency;

3. High stability

The output power of the equipment is stable, the laser has a long service life, and maintenance is simple;

4. Powerful software functionality

Can freely design various graphics and text for real-time processing, with flexible work, high efficiency, simple and convenient mechanical operation.

Carbon steel sheet laser cutting machines can be applied in many industries, and the power size of the equipment can also be chosen by oneself, ensuring the effectiveness at a lower cost. It is also very popular in the market, with a high demand from manufacturers in recent years.

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