What is a laser cutting machine with film cutting?


How does a laser cutting machine carry film cutting? What is a laser cutting machine with film cutting? Laser cutting machine with film actually refers to using a laser cutting machine to process metal materials with protective films. In order to ensure the surface smoothness of metal materials, many metal products are coated with film, which is a common metal material with film. For example, the commonly used laminated metals in our daily lives include materials such as doors and windows, kitchen utensils, etc. The main benefit of cutting with film is to prevent cuts and scratches on the board after cutting, which may not look very good. At present, using a metal laser cutting machine is no longer a problem, so how to cut products with film? Next, the editor from the manufacturer of XT Metal Laser Cutting Machine will introduce it to everyone.

Laser cutting machines are known as metal cutting experts and can also cut coated metal sheets, but there are certain difficulties:

1. Due to the short wavelength of fiber laser, which is only 1.06um, it is difficult for non-metallic materials to absorb it. When cutting stainless steel film, adverse phenomena such as slag reversal, incomplete cutting, and high reflection alarm often occur, which greatly affects the cutting quality and normal production of the plate.

2. To melt the surface film, it is necessary to rely on the reflected heat of the laser on the steel plate, as low power cannot cut through the film; High power can easily cause radiation damage to the surface of the board.

3. One cut is very unstable, and the surface film is easily blown up. Obviously, the traditional CO2 laser cutting process cannot achieve the cutting process of coated stainless steel.

So, how to use a metal laser cutting machine to cut coated metal sheet metal? Let’s take a look at how laser cutting machines cut coated metal materials;

According to the normal cutting process, in order to ensure that the film is not damaged, the side without the film is usually processed first. The side without the film is facing downwards, and it is best to install a pneumatic device on the side facing downwards to prevent the machine tool from supporting and scratching the board.

The cutting process is: when cutting, the laser head should be about 10mm away, the power should be reduced, and then a film burning process should be carried out to remove the protective film from the path, and finally the cutting process should be carried out.

Why do you need to cut the coated side first? There is a reason for this. If one side of the film is facing downwards, the residue splashed out by the laser cutting machine during cutting will adhere to the film due to thermal effects, resulting in a rough surface on the film side. Moreover, after the film cools down after cutting, it is difficult to remove the residue that adheres to it. Therefore, it is recommended that customers first cut the surface of the lamination.

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