What equipment does a metal laser cutting machine include? What are the advantages of laser cutting machines?


XT Laser – Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Metal laser cutting machine is a professional mechanical equipment for cutting metal materials, mainly focusing on cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, red copper, pickling plate, galvanized plate, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy, and other metal materials. The workpiece produced is beautiful, consistent, and highly efficient, which is widely welcomed by customers. It can be used in vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, electrical manufacturing, wind turbine manufacturing Construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, grain machinery, textile machinery, petroleum machinery, laser external processing services, and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.

Composition of metal laser cutting machine:

Machine tool host: The machine tool host consists of X-axis guide rail, Y-axis beam, Z-axis device, air system, and other components.

Fiber laser: This laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, wide modulation frequency range, stable power output, strong anti high reflection ability, and can be operated without maintenance.

Cooler: The laser water chiller is mainly used to cool the laser generator of laser equipment through water circulation, and to control the use temperature of the laser generator, so that the laser generator can maintain normal operation for a long time.

Cutting head: The laser cutting head generally refers to the cutting head of a laser cutting machine. The cutting head of a laser cutting machine consists of a nozzle, a focus lens, and a focus tracking system.

Automatic programming software: As an important component of laser cutting processing systems, automatic programming software has a significant impact on the accuracy, efficiency, cost, and intelligence of cutting processing.

Stabilized power supply: When the input grid voltage changes or the load changes, the stabilized laser power supply can still provide a basically constant voltage power supply for the laser through its own voltage stabilizing circuit. Used to ensure the stability and overall life of the laser.

Product advantages of metal laser cutting machines:

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a mature product with high cost performance for the metal material processing industry. It has strong cutting ability, extremely low operating cost, good stability, and strong adaptability.

Cutting expert – fiber laser with a wavelength of 1.06 μ m. It is 1/10 of the wavelength of a carbon dioxide laser, which is more conducive to absorption by metal materials. The cutting speed is faster not only for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys, but also for aluminum zinc plated plates, as well as high reflective nonferrous metal materials such as pure aluminum, brass, and copper. Optical fiber transmission, especially suitable for cutting various complex parts. The powerful numerical control system and layout software have solved many technical problems, further improving the piercing speed and cutting accuracy, and making the operation simple and convenient.

Leading technology – zero second piercing technology, flying cutting technology, frog jumping cutting technology, and compressed air cutting stainless steel technology developed by Xintian Laser can reduce customer cutting costs and improve cutting efficiency. Xintian Laser has also developed a series of new processes and technologies with the world’s advanced level, such as coating laser cutting process, frequency conversion cutting process, power slope control cutting process, angular pulse cutting control process, etc., making the fiber laser cutting machine even more powerful.

Stable performance – The optical fiber cutting machine series fully utilizes the advantages of optical fiber transmission. Laser light is transmitted directly from the laser through optical fibers to the cutting head of the machine tool. Simple mechanical structure, constant light path, basically maintenance free, stable cutting performance.

Safe and reliable – A protective cover is installed in front of the Y-axis beam, and a laser radiation prevention observation window is installed. A fire curtain is installed below the protective cover to completely enclose the cutting area, effectively preventing laser leakage, cutting sparks, and slag splashing. Each dangerous part of the machine tool has obvious warning signs, which have the unity of safety and visibility. The fiber laser adopts semiconductor modular and redundant design, which is suitable for 24-hour continuous operation and meets the requirements of industrial continuous production.

Energy conservation and ecological environment protection – Fiber lasers use rare element ytterbium as a luminescent material, and do not consume gases such as high-purity helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Electro-optical conversion rate up to 35%, lower carbon, more economical.

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