Upon Becoming Sixty-A Peek-a-Boo Project


Do know someone who is turning the BIG Two One—Oh or the even BIGGER Five-OH-NO? Well they have come and gone for me, I turned 60 on September 3. Never did I think I would be here to celebrate with you all. I wrote a short story 25 years ago titled “Obituaries” Some excerpts are part of this blog.

My birthday was the third birthday in my family the last week of August and the first week in September. My dad’s birthday was August 30th, my sister’s September 2nd, and mine September 3rd…My dad always wanted a spice cake, my sister a mayonnaise chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, then there was me. I often remember sharing birthday cakes as our birthday’s were so close together. We grew up with limited income so it made sense at the time.

I don’t remember birthday parties with party hats, and streamers flowing from the ceilings, or the extravagant ones now posted on social media with each year needing to top and be better than the last one. Mostly it was cake and ice cream and maybe a rendition of the birthday song. I’m not much of a party person now or wanting to be the center of attention, I am still quite introverted and shy in large gatherings.  There was no big turning 50 birthday party, with “Over the Hill” themed decorations, at 60 I am guessing if we had a party it would be “Damn Your Old” themed. If I had an alter ego, and extroverted wild child side, that is the inspiration for this artwork.

  1. Gather Supplies.
  2. Use a Paintbrush to Randomly Paint GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst.
  3. Add Highlights to GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst with Stencil Butter Turquoise and Green Gold Golden Acrylic Paint.
  4. Create a Frame Using Washi Tape on Top Portion of GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst.
  5. Select Images for Your Perceived Composition.
  6. Glue a Background Image to Box Portion of GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst Using UHU GlueStick.
  7. Layer Other Images to This Boxed Frame.
  8. Use Washi Tape and UHU GlueStick to Secure Bottom Portion of GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst.

  9. Use a Paintbrush and Deco Art Matte Gel Medium to Seal in all Images of Niche.
  10.  Add Iridescent Thread to Inside Box Portion Before Gluing on Top Part of GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst.
  11.  Hold Tightly Into Place With Metal Clamps and Allow to Dry Fully.
  12.  Use Ranger Glossy Accents to Add Micro Jewels to Your GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst.
  13. Now Go Celebrate You and Your Unique Gifts Your Bring to This World.

Final Thoughts:

From my short story , “Obituaries”…

“As he approached the podium, few people could see his knees shaking under the burden  on his shoulders, not to mention the weight of his heavy heart. There was a butterfly convention being held in his stomach. He was not prepared for this public spectacle. The notes he carried in his beast pocket were sure to be out of sequence. Why was he so annoyed with the eyes that were now gazing upon him?”

“How can he be thirty-five and still be thinking about school playgrounds and taking sides? Can’t anyone see the scraped knees, the hand-me downs, the scared little boy. Why does age seem to betray him?”

Our childhoods leave a lasting impression, some for better some for worse. If you want a deeper understanding of mine read my “Obituaries” Blog Post.

It ends with these words…

Thus began the man’s reintroduction to the land of the living. he continues his epitaph saying; “Today we remember an accomplished author, a published poet, an enthusiastic entertainer, an artistic artist, an incredible cook, a kind soul, a lover of the lost one and walks in the woods, a terrific teacher, a beloved brother, a spiritual being, a quiet thinker, a dreamer. We remember a man more or less who was aware of his demons, who had faced some of his fears, who sailed through some scary storms, who spent many a sleepless nights awake wondering if this was it. But a man none the less who was willing once again to say, “I’m sorry,  I was wrong, I should have listened better to what you said.”

Thoughts of becoming fifty…Much remains the same love those put in your path (Family and friends float to the top). Save time for silence and stillness, and treasure serenity in the small simple pleasures. Find your passion and allow it to soothe your soul. Never give up the hope in better days nor the adage “This too shall pass.” Blessings upon your journey!!

I am not sure I can top that one written ten years ago for the big Five-Oh. I love my life with my husband and our Gladyses in our imperfect condo community of Marvin Gardens.

Supplies:  GSLC Little Niche Sun Burst, Vintage Party Images, Acrylic Paints Pale Green Tones, Stencil Butter Turquoise,Green Gold Golden Acrylic Paint, Paintbrush, Stamperia Sweet Paper Pad, Washi Tape, UHU GlueStick, DecoArt Matte Gel Medium, Iridescent Thread, Metal Clamps,Ranger Glossy Accents, Micro Jewels

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!

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