Tube Cutting with Fiber Laser


With the significant increase in the output and consumption of metal tubes, the processing technology of metal tube has also been rapidly developed, especially after the application of fiber laser tube cutting machine as new blood into this industry. XTLASER, as the leading manufacturer for metal fabrication equipment, combines mature laser technology, advanced CNC control system and excellent mechanical design, provides you the laser tube cutting machine with high efficiency, strong versatility and a competitive price!

XTLASER has been in laser industry for 18 years. Applying laser cutting to tube processing greatly increases production efficiency. For the tube cutter,we have 1kw to 3kw laser power matching your processing needs for different models. Whether you are cutting thin tubes with small diameter or thick ones with big diameter, we can always find the perfect one for your business.

XTLASER adopt advanced tube cutting CNC system, designed for professional tube cutting, supports production of tube and profile of various shapes, such as round tube, square tube, rectangle tube, L, U and H profiles. It works with nesting software seamlessly to realize technique setting, advanced toolpath generation and nesting for standard and special shaped workpieces.

Moreover, we have a great team for mechanical design, which combines everything to accomplish the best performance. Pneumatic self centering chuck is adopted to achieve faster and more accurate clamping, which cost less but possess a longer service life. Ancillary supporting can adapt to tubes with different diameter and shapes, to keep tubes, especially the long and thick ones, from sagging and deformation. Also, we have the auto loading and unloading system available, it helps to save time and labor.

We have many types fiber laser tube cutter.

If you are in the industry involves tube cutting process, do invest one of these machines. It is a great helper to increase efficiency, improve workpiece quality, save time and labor. If you want to know more that I didn’t have the chance to cover in this article, feel free to contact us.

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