Translating laser cut concepts into silver


Last month I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at Atelier Rudee in Bangkok, Thailand. 

It was a very interesting experience, I was trying a new technique making models from wax and later on casting them into silver. Since I already had sketches from my Thailand-Cambodia trip I was translating my concepts by using a cutter for the wax sheets , thinking about geometry, layering and construction. 

I really like the way that you create something from such a fragile and sensitive material as wax, and later on it just melts guiding the warm silver to fill all of the contours. I was very surprised by the accuracy of this method, miniature details made on the wax pieces are present once the designs are casted in silver. You can even notice your fingerprints in some parts.

In the end I got two rings casted into silver. Hope you enjoy my concepts and designs. 


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