Top Mistakes Made When Using Dot Peen and How to Avoid Them


Mistake 1: Using the Wrong Pin Marking Method

The most common mistake people make when using dot peening is using it when it is not the right method. This is a common trend when choosing between pin marking systems such as scribing peening. Using the wrong pin marking method won’t give you the desired result.

To understand when to use dot peen from similar methods, you need to understand what each one stands for. Below is their comparison

· Dot peen

It involves using a pen or stylus to impact a material to create a mark and is suitable when the project requires depth, speed, and permanent marking. The mark has a specific dot pattern that is highly readable.

· Scribing

Or manual engraving involves dragging the stylus on the material to create a smooth continuous mark. It is suitable for high-quality marks. Also, unlike dot peening, it does not produce much noise.

Both methods are suitable depending on the need for speed and quality markings. Therefore, the best bet is to talk to a marking expert to help you select.

Mistake 2: Missing Important Maintenance Checks

Maintenance checks are important as they allow the machine to function for a long time without a problem. Constant maintenance is necessary and it includes general cleaning and lubrication of moving parts.

Maintenance depends on the machine. Nevertheless, it is a critical part of the marking system for longevity. Therefore, you should ensure that operators have the dot peen machine’s manual and they understand it fully.

Mistake 3: Overlooking Laser Marking 

Most manufacturers rely on dot peen without checking the capability of other marking systems. Laser marking is the most popular system used industrially due to its accuracy, speed, and productivity.

Choosing a laser marking machine depends on several factors considering the many types of lasers marking machines available on the market. However, when choosing one, ensures it fulfills the following:

  • It is compatible with the material you are working with
  • It does not take up too much space
  • It does not require too much excessive training to master

There are many laser marking machines you can choose from concerning power, speed, and other factors. You can talk to our experts that will direct you to the best suited for your project.

Mistake 4: Not Taking Control of Your Controller

The dot peen machine controller is the brain of the operation. It is responsible for instructing the machine on what and how to mark. For example, it controls the depth, speed, font type, and other information manufacturers need to know.

Taking control of the pin marking controller means understanding how it works and how you can use it to the maximum capability. Aside from that, you should be able to consider the following things

  • The need for proper training to understand how the controller works
  • How to troubleshoot the controller
  • How to know if the firmware is up to date

Understanding the following consideration allows you to take control and avoid mistakes in the future

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