The Future of “Light” | XT Laser Russia Exhibition is Ready to Launch!


The Future of “Light” | XT Laser Russia Exhibition is Ready to Launch!

As our northern neighbor

The enigmatic Russia appears both familiar and unfamiliar

Its industrial and technological development has always been rapidly changing

May 22-26

Moscow Machine Tool Exhibition, Russia

Booth 81B60, EXPONTRE International Exhibition Center, Moscow

XT Laser Makes a Wonderful Appearance

Take you into the fighting nation and explore!

METALLOOBRABOTKA MOSCOW is co hosted by the Russian Machine Tool Association and the Expocentre Exhibition Center, and is supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Federation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and the European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Association. The exhibition was held in 1984 and is held annually. It is the largest and most influential machine tool professional exhibition in the Russian region.

XT Laser has always regarded the promotion of “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025” as its own responsibility, constantly breaking through and innovating technology, and providing excellent laser equipment for the industry. At this exhibition, XT Laser will appear on site with a 10000 watt high-power laser cutting machine and a professional pipe cutting machine, competing with top optoelectronic enterprises from around the world, showcasing China’s laser power to the world. At the same time, we look forward to many world elites discussing laser technology together!

10000 watt high power full surround laser cutting machine

Plate welding bed: Adopting a cyclone type semi hollow plate welding bed, the heating area is small, avoiding long-term deformation of the bed due to high temperature, providing strong guarantee for customers to achieve long-term batch cutting of medium and thick plates.

Cast aluminum crossbeam: manufactured according to aerospace standards and extruded using a thousand ton press, with good dynamic performance, strong deformation resistance, light weight, high strength, and higher dynamic response.

Laser cutting head: It adopts the latest upgraded version of the laser cutting head from Pratster, with optimized optical configuration, smooth and effective airflow design, comprehensive upgrade of dust prevention design, non-inductive perforation, high-speed operation, automatic focusing, and smooth and burr free cutting section.

Servo motor: This machine adopts imported servo motors, which can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy, positioning speed, and repeated positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine, and maximize the strong performance of the equipment.

Standard type pipe laser cutting machine

Intelligent chuck: Intelligent digital chuck, capable of automatically centering and centering the workpiece, pneumatic clamping, large and constant clamping force, stable and firm clamping, ensuring cutting accuracy.

Plate welded bed: The heavy square tube welded bed is made of thick steel plate welding, with high stability, high-temperature annealing treatment, less heat absorption, less deformation, and more durable.

Professional cutting: A specialized cutting operating system that can not only cut traditional pipes such as circles, square and rectangular pipes, as well as profiles such as channel steel and angle steel, without fear of irregular shapes.

Intelligent control: Equipped with advanced CNC operating system with powerful functions, it can accurately perceive changes in pipe materials, easily meet processing needs such as piercing, cutting, and beveling. The nesting software is optional.

For the industry, this exhibition will be a top event in the global optoelectronic field and a peak competition in optoelectronic technology; For XTcheng, competing with numerous international giants and outstanding peers has opened a new chapter in brand building. China’s technological power is developing at a high speed, like a flowing river that never stops moving forward. The XT Laser is also chasing the waves, and the waves are restraining the flying boat!

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