The differences between JPT, IPG, MAX, and Raycus laser sources


Differences between JPT, IPG, MAX, and Raycus Laser Source

The difference between the four laser sources comes from properties like their engraving outcomes, warranty, the number of materials they can mark, and frequency range. Below is a comparison between the laser sources.

· Stability

Stability is essential for the accuracy of the laser marking machine. IPG and JPT laser sources are more stable than MAX and Raycus.

· Cost

Based on a budget: When comparing the prices from the highest to the lowest prices, IPG laser sources >JPT laser sources > MAX laser sources > Raycus laser sources. As a result, if you are looking for a cheaper laser source to buy, go for a Raycus laser marker.

· Engraving result and compatible material

All the laser sources have good engraving results. However, some are better than others. For example, JPT and IPG lasers can handle high-reflective materials like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel better than MAX and Raycus laser sources.

In summary, below is a table showing the properties of each laser source.

Laser source IPG MAX JPT Raycus
Cost High Low Average Low
Level of stability Very high Low High Low
Beam property High Good Good Fair
Engraving results Excellent Good Good Fair
Range of frequency Very high Low High Low
Metal materials Great Effective Good Effective
Plastic Great Poor Effective Poor
Warranty Two years One year One year One year

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