The best chipboard for your covers VI


Hi everyone!

Myry again and today I’m going to continue show you how frames can be the best for your covers!

If I had to choose any type of chipboard, it would certainly be the frames. Have you seen what a beauty?! It’s true that small curves can be very delicate and break easily but it’s worth working with them.

A trick to reinforce the delicate parts: put a light layer of medium gel or some hardener in the most delicate areas. Paint everything, not only what is visible but also inside. I usually use two types of brushes: a thick one for the general face and a very fine one to reach all the corners. 

Paint the frame with shades of the same color, in my case pink, first the lightest and then the darkest. 

I remove part of the dark color with a rag so that the light color can be seen underneath, this gives it a vintage touch.

But if you want more contrast paint the frame with a different color, like this turquoise.

Tip: take advantage of the holes in the frame to sew it to the cover for greater support (especially if you have put some padding underneath to enhance the embroidery), you can cover the seams with pearls or other small embellishments.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:

Medium gel or some hardener

2-3 acrylic paints, brushes and rag

Embroidery fabric, wadding, needle and thread

Scissors, cutter and glue


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