The alliance of IoT and AI


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of assorted devices linked through the Internet which enables them to exchange data and interact with each other. They include virtually any devices that can connect to the Internet such as smart homes, smartphones, refrigerators, laptops, smart TVs, or anything that is connected to your Wi-Fi. Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the other hand, are systems with the ability to mimic human thinking behaviour by learning through previous encounters with tasks. They rely mostly on data fed to them, which they analyse to determine the best course of action.

Complementing each other

IoT and AI are perfect technologies together because they complement each other in terms of application. IoT is excellent at collecting data, and AI is excellent at processing data to turn it to useful solutions.

Companies are collecting data every day. Nearly any device you have at your home that can connect to the Internet can be used to collect data. The biggest challenge presently is that companies are collecting too much data than they know what to do with. It is difficult for humans to process all that data and make good use of it.

AI was created to learn and can process terabytes of data at once to make constructive use of it. It is the perfect technology for processing all the data that’s being transferred across the Internet. The fantastic thing is that since human beings are quite limited in their capacity to handle all the data gathered through the IoT, it is possible that AI will come up with solutions that human beings never thought of or considered likely.

The application of IoT and AI

Therefore, IoT working together with AI is inevitable because the two technologies have so much potential together. This concept is not just a theory about the two technologies, because AI and IoT are already being used together to provide practical solutions to the world. You may already have seen them, or you could even be using these two technologies at home. Here are a few instances of their joint application…

• Drones

Drones have gone viral in the last decade because they present possibilities that never existed before. Some online stores have been working on the chance to make deliveries using drones across the globe. Drones are ideal for reaching zones where humans cannot due to the degree of danger, or because it is physically impossible. They can be equipped with systems that gather data, which they can use to determine the best course of action in a given situation. This approach can be invaluable in toxic areas or dangerous zones like minefields. Sometimes, people can’t control drones because of weak network signals. The capacity of these devices to collect their own data and find their way through an environment without human intervention is incredible.

• Assistants and companions

IoT and AI technologies have already been combined in various instances to create robots that serve different purposes from offering human companionship to completing the basic task of vacuuming. For instance, robots have been designed to clean houses without much intervention from their owners. Similarly, AI and IoT are used to create robots that can interact with people. They can mimic human facial expressions as they interact with humans, understand speech, listen to questions, and respond in kind. AI and IoT have also been used to feed data about a person to an app that can then use the information to converse just like the actual person.

• Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are equipped with sensors that gather data about the vehicle’s surroundings to guide it on the best route while avoiding obstacles like human beings, pavements, or buildings. The technology is not yet perfect, but it is an excellent example of the potential of IoT and AI.

The impact of IoT and AI in the UK manufacturing industry

IoT working with AI introduces new possibilities for the world. People like doing and are suited for certain activities. Cleaning the house is a task that wastes a lot of time for many people, and yet it must be done. Why not let a machine do such routine tasks so that you get to focus on the things you are good at, like working on more innovations and creative work.

The same concept is true for industry. In virtually every field, there are routine tasks that can best be done using machines instead of wasting human labour. However, the main thing is not repetitive tasks but intelligence. AI and IoT can be used to deal with the gathering and processing of data to find solutions to problems that have been difficult for humans to solve.

There should be no concern regarding AI taking over human jobs in manufacturing, engineering, or any field because as they eliminate some jobs, they also create new ones. It is against human nature and the way of nature to keep doing things the same way. People have to grow, hence, as technology advances, so must humans. Those who fail to adapt to change will be left behind.

IoT and AI technology are bound to change the way the world works. It is high time that organisations realised this truth and embraced the marriage of these two technologies. Many companies are turning their attention to AI because they understand that the technology is here, and it is about to transform the world in ways people never imagined.

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