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Karolina is here. For this inspiration, I made my tags and used String Alongs – Steampunk

I started off painting three tags with black gesso on both sides. When the tags were dried, I added a texture paste to make a nice texture. To create dimension, I used more than one stencil.
I dried tags using a heating tool and splashed colours of my choice. I used glimmer sprayed and Magic paint in powder.
The next step was covering the String Alongs – Steampunk with the black gesso. I dried the elements and added a gold vax. Then I stuck them to the focal point of each tag using glue and made a hole for a string. I added vax to the edges of tags.

 Then I covered all pieces of twine, black gesso and a vax; I needed those pieces to connect tags, and also, I needed them to thread the string through the hole I made earlier.
I connected the tags by adding a string between them. 
Then I cut out three tags and stuck them to the back of each tag using glue.

There are no step-by-step photos in this post, but you can visit my YouTube channel to see the whole process.

GSL product used:

Other supplies used:

Magic Paint Powder
Texture paste

I hope you like my door hanger. I cannot wait to see how this project inspires you. Please share it on the GSL Cuts Craft Group on Facebook.

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