Subcon Laser’s £1 million investment in a new Trumpf laser cutting machine


To keep pace with demand for precision laser cutting across a multitude of substrate types and dimensions, Subcon Laser has purchased an innovative and impressive Trumpf 10KW fibre laser machine.


This represents an investment of £1 million, focused on matching the changing requirements of Subcon Laser’s growing number of manufacturing and engineering clients.


Cutting through the advantages


Among the advantages of having this Trumpf 10KW fibre laser machine installed, is that the company will be able to process even more complex contours with incredible part quality, and at high speeds. This means the companies throughput will be increased considerably and subcon laser will be able to process a higher volume of client orders. 


This advanced piece of technology features a solid-state laser, supported by an initiative assistant system. The Trumpf laser cutting machine can be programmed to work continuously and productively, with minimal operator engagement. This means less staff time will be spent monitoring the laser while it carries out work allowing staff to focus on other jobs.


The technical specifications


For those who like to see the numbers behind the machines, the Trumpf 10KW fibre laser stands at 10,000 W of laser power. German high-tech company Trumpf has fitted it with a 10 kW TruDisk laser, a powerful innovation that made its global debut at FABTECH Chicago in 2017.


Trumpf (a family owned company like Subcon Laser) is widely held to be the biggest provider of machine tools in the world and is truly at the ‘cutting edge’ of laser tech. It focuses much of its R&D on creating machines with smaller footprints, and greater processing variants, as well as making them power efficient and flexible.


The Trumpf 10KW fibre laser machine that Subcon Laser has purchased can handle mild steel sheets and aluminum up to 30mm thick, stainless steel up to 40mm, copper up to 16mm and brass up to 10mm thick.


All within a relatively compact lot size, that fits brilliantly alongside our existing laser cutting, scanning and inspection equipment, and processes.


A wise investment in better productivity


The increased efficiency this investment brings means that the company can keep part costs low, and quality assurance high.


However, not only does this Trumpf laser cutting machine increase the capacity and capabilities of Subcon Laser, but it also contributes to our general commitment to doing things ‘faster, better and cleaner’, becoming an ever more sustainable company. This machine means we can reduce the amount of waste we produce as a company and increase our levels of efficiency. 


Thanks to its powerful drives and dynamic axis motions, the new machine can handle even demanding jobs much swifter – especially thin sheet processing – yet its resilience and reliability are assured. A robust frame and drive train make the machine highly durable, even when operating at high speed over long processing runs.


At the touch of the button


The Subcon Laser management team are also excited to take advantage of the ways such advanced technology can make laser cutting more efficient ‘at the touch of a button’.


The Trumpf 10KW fibre laser machine features a new and innovative user interface, with a 21.5″ display, enabling operators to oversee part quality and machine performance in unprecedented detail. 


Then, of course, there is the speed factor! Using the intuitive control systems built into the Trumpf 10KW, laser cutting tasks can be completed as much as 50% faster in some cases.


Further versatility and responsiveness come from the £1 million machine’s nozzle changer advantages. This can be taken out during cutting cycles, and set in line with production runs. The new machine also offers three extra nozzle holder stations ( so a total of 21) to make the nozzle changer even more effective.


The advanced cooling system in the Trumpf manufactured cutting machine stabilises the cutting process – even with steel – to create greater material tolerance and enable production of even intricate contours and tighter layouts.


Going forwards


Subcon laser is confident existing and new clients will quickly see the tangible benefits of having access to the impressive Trumpf 10KW fibre laser machine.


It is a highly automated and streamlined laser cutting system, that offers potential improvements in lead times, part cost and quality.


However, though this Trumpf laser machine is technologically advanced and involves minimal operator interaction, it is not ‘replacing’ any of Subcon Laser’s skilled team!


In fact, as the £1 million investment increases the family company’s capacity and range of services, it is supported by a recruitment campaign. This will increase the number of people employed at Subcon Laser’s Nuneaton headquarters and signals an exciting prospect for UK manufacturing as a whole.


Though the proof will be in the improved lead times, part quality and cost quotations, the company also wants to show off its fabulous new equipment!


There will be an open day arranged in the near future, so manufacturing and engineering companies can see the machine in person and discuss its capabilities with the Subcon Laser team. (Contact us to make sure you’re on the guestlist)


As Subcon Laser is instrumental in furthering STEM studies and building relevant skills in the Midlands, we would also welcome approaches from colleges and training providers who want to see this £1 million piece of tech in action.

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