Stencils – How to use them!



We get lots of enquiries for stencils for a wide range of uses.

Recently they have been for putting a flour logo on to baked bread, pushing icing through a food grade plastic stencil, chocolate dusting stencil for coffee, painting a logo on the inside of handmade shoes, painting a design on to a saw and much more!

With every unique stencil there is going to be a unique way of applying that stencil to your material.

Mylar Plastic Stencils

Mylar stencil plastic is a great material for a reusable stencil. It is less robust and will require a gentle application in some instances.

We offer two thicknesses, 125 micron is paper thing and 250 micron is still flexible but twice as thick as the 125 micron so a little more sturdy!

We recommend using weights around the area that you’re working on to hold the material in place and to make sure the paint doesn’t seep under.

Depending on your desired finish there may be a particular application or type of paint that would suit it better – we’ve included some youtube videos at the bottom of our blog post with more information!

mylar stencil photo

We can also cut stencils from many of our other materials in stock.


A cheap and heavier option – ideal if you don’t need to position the stencil accurately (like with a translucent/transparent material) and you’re not concerned about cleaning the stencil.

A great alternative for a stencil that will be used by workers spraying business details on to boards, you’ll need to take care of it but it’s not as delicate as Mylar.

MDF stencil image


3mm clear perspex acrylic is a more expensive option and usually ordered for pattern cutting stencils or stencils for drawing shapes.

When using your stencil you can get paint bleeding underneath whether that’s using acrylic paint or spraying over the stencil.

If you’d like to avoid this we’ve found some great videos on youtube to help.

Using your stencil with spray mount on a curved surface:

Stencil application technique, types of paint that work best and sponge tools:

Let us know if you found this useful or if you have any stencil related queries please get in touch!

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