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We have just had a busy few days in our studio making over 3000 hedgehog signs for the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. Henry Johnson from the PTES commissioned some signs made from recycled acrylic to help keep our hedgehogs safe. They have a campaign called Hedgehog Street, in partnership with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

There are currently only 1,100,000 hedgehogs in the UK, however there is evidence that our hedgehog population is declining quickly due to the trend for gardens becoming more tidy and clean. This trend tends to inhabit the ease of nesting and finding food. The other important factor is the rise in enclosed spaces with no way of getting through fences, this means it’s hard for the hedgehogs to find mates and, again, find food.  The signs we cut and engraved for the Hedgehog Society encourage people to leave a little hole in their fence. The signs are then fixed to the fence to remind them to keep the hole open for the hedgehogs to move freely.

We do hope that these signs help to boost the hedgehog population and give them a little more space to roam around.

If you would like to learn more about hedgehogs and the PTES, please visit their website

You can help the cause by visiting Hedgehog Street online and becoming a hedgehog champion, this will mean getting people involved in helping in your local area.

Become a hedgehog champion at

Also, you can get free sign if you buy a ticket for their event:

Henry’s interview on his work with the PTES & BHPS can be found on BBC iPlayer here at 17.40 minutes in. 




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