Santos Doll by Rachel Harries



This week I have used the Santos Doll Kit I started off painting the elements with white gesso, I wouldnt ordinarily gesso before assembly but i was very mindful not to gesso any of the areas that could swell with the moisture from the gesso.

I took some cardstock to give me a little hair and drew the features I wanted on the face and hair. I then cut the hair out and adhered it to the head of the santos doll.

I then painted the face body and arms before fixing together with some twine as I didnt have any brads to hand.

I then assembled the base and popped the body in place.

I then added a Crown to which I added some little self adhesive balls and a little gold wax, I also added a little muslin to the base and some resin pieces that seemed in keeping with the doll .

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