Safety of handheld fiber laser welding machine – XT LASER Abel


Compared with traditional welding methods, fiber laser welding is safer

Today share with you the safety of our welding machine.

We attach great importance to the safety of machines, which is our top priority in production.
We have exported many laser welding machines to Europe, no any problem for using.
And our welding machine is equipped with safety configurations.
      *Voltage abnormal protection
      *Intelligent temperature control system
      *Laser abnormal alarm
      *Water cooler abnormal alarm
      *Emergency switch

And we’ll install a safety clamp. When you need to weld, only clamp the welding object to work. If the welding head is accidentally slipped off during operation, the clamp will also disconnect, protecting the safety of the operator.

Then let me share with you some precautions for laser welding machine operation. It is forbidden to point the laser head at people when using it.
Users should also take appropriate protective measures.
1. Wear protective gloves (We will send)
2. Wear goggles (We will send)
3. Wear long clothes and long pants.

So you don’t need to worry about safety, our machines have never had any accidents so far. It is safer than traditional welding machines.

If you like such a machine, pls feel free to contact us.


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