Printed QR codes in your business


What QR codes have you scanned recently?

The QR code has made a huge comeback in recent years, once relegated to niche uses and hindered by technical hurdles, recently I’ve scanned printed QR codes on Lego instructions which took me to their website, a menu at a restaurant to place an order, a link to complete a survey from my child’s school and an advert to download an app.

Why are QR codes making a comeback?

  • Pandemic impact: Contactless interactions during the pandemic boosted QR code use significantly. Restaurants used them for menus, businesses for payments and virtual tours.
  • Improved technology: Modern smartphones can scan QR codes directly through the camera app, eliminating the need for separate downloads.
  • Enhanced functionality: QR codes are no longer static. Dynamic codes allow businesses to update the information linked to the QR code without reprinting like traditional print media.
  • Increased marketing potential: QR codes can bridge the gap between physical and digital, from an instruction booklet they can lead to further product information for example.


QR codes printed on wooden blocks
Printed QR code wooden blocks for restaurants


QR code blocks printed for Sunday app

Here are some examples of how printed QR codes are being used in every day life:

  • Marketing and advertising: Packaging and printed materials drive users to websites or social media channels.
  • Contactless payments: Shops, restaurants and market stall holders utilise QR codes for payments.
  • Product information: Business send customers to detailed product specifications and instructions.
  • Interactive experiences: Museums, art galleries, and historical sites use QR codes to offer further experiences or additional information.
  • Event registration and ticketing: QR codes streamline registration and allow for contactless ticket scanning at venues.
  • Data collection/feedback: QR codes can be used to gather data by directing users to surveys or feedback forms.


qr code printed on wood
Using QR Codes for Wifi Login for Guests at your premises


What’s the most unusual place you’ve spotted a printed QR code? On a moving van? On a huge billboard so high up that no one could scan?

Ten years ago I saw both, however I think we’re much more savvy to how QR codes can benefit our businesses.

Experts are predicting continued growth for QR codes; have you used printed QR codes in your business?

Maybe you could send customers to your email newsletter sign up form.

If you’ve got an idea for using QR codes in your business please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

UV printed wooden plaques
wooden printed information plaques with QR codes for Queer Botany

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