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There are many factors affecting the price of laser cutting machine
After the fiber laser cutting machine entered the market, it quickly won the market with its faster cutting speed and higher cutting accuracy. Most customers are still very concerned about the price of laser cutting machines. Some people ask for quotations everywhere.

Price problem 1 of laser cutting machine: Why is the price of fiber laser cutting machine so high.
Some customers will ask “why the price of fiber laser cutting machine is so high”. In fact, the manufacturing cost of laser cutting machine is related. Laser cutting machine is an industrial production equipment that needs long-term stable operation. Not only do all conditions meet the requirements, but all accessories need the best quality. From the perspective of manufacturing cost, the cost of a single laser is very high, So customers are worried about the price of laser cutting machines. In today’s transparent price of laser cutting machines, we can only compare different configurations, otherwise there is no need to compare.
Price question 2 of laser cutting machine: What is the price of fiber laser cutting machine?
Fiber laser cutting machine is the most flexible processing equipment in metal cutting at present. It can accurately cut various metal materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and aluminum. In fact, the purchase of laser cutting machines is not only a matter of price. The configuration differences of the brand, core components, laser, laser power supply, motor and laser head of the fiber laser cutting machine not only determine the price, but also directly determine the service life of the machine. The price of cutting machine varies from hundreds of thousands to millions.
The third price problem of laser cutting machine: what factors determine the price of fiber laser cutting machine.
Some fiber laser cutting machines are fully protected to reduce laser radiation, while others have an exchange platform to save loading and unloading time. The plate-tube integrated machine is suitable for customers who need to cut two kinds of materials: plate and pipe. The more functions of the fiber laser cutting machine, the higher the price.
The larger the size of the same series of fiber laser cutting machines with the same power, the higher the price. However, the bigger the better. Some machines with poor quality and low cost have unstable average laser output at various points in a large size range.
And the accuracy and speed of the fiber laser cutting machine. The higher the accuracy, the better the cutting effect. The cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the profit generated at the same time is greater.

Price problem 4 of laser cutting machine: how to choose laser cutting machine.
Each manufacturer’s quotation for the same product is different, because in addition to the machine itself, there is also after-sales service for the fiber laser cutting machine. During the use of the machine, some small problems may occur more or less, or due to improper use or long time. Good after-sales service will give customers confidence in buying machines.
Therefore, the type and style of fiber laser cutting machine should be selected according to its own industry needs and cutting materials, which requires higher configuration and higher price, but should not blindly pursue low prices and ignore quality. The laser cutting machine manufacturer does not have a clear address or goes to other companies to take goods for resale or small workshops. No matter how much money you have, don’t be fooled.

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