Meet our new, modern, feature-packed Sisma laser markers


Our range of laser markers has just received an upgrade, with a new series of machines that make laser marking faster and more accurate than ever. These new machines from Sisma are extremely powerful and better value than anything we have previously sold and have some incredible features to make your life much easier.

Sisma has been producing high-precision machinery that improves production processes for over sixty years, with all sorts of laser products in its product portfolio. Laser Lines has extended its existing partnership with Sisma, also becoming the exclusive reseller of its laser markers in the UK and Ireland.

Sisma laser markers overview

We now sell and support a full range of laser markers that are powerful, robust and precise enough to deal with the demands of the medical and aerospace industries, along with the multiple requirements from other industrial levels of production. Whether you need to mark text, logos, barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, data matrix codes or any other type of graphic, our Sisma laser markers handle it with ease and precision.

“Sisma has a huge number of different laser markers that support power levels from 20W to 100W and can be fitted with a wide array of optional features to make the marking process easier than ever,” says Dave Earl, Business Manager for Industrial Lasers at Laser Lines. “We are very excited to bring these excellent machines to our customers looking for a high-quality, rapid marking solution that offers incredible value for money.”

Through the lens vision

One of the most interesting options available on these systems is through-the-lens vision, which Sisma calls its Coaxial Vision System (CVS). Dave explains more: “CVS uses a camera that gives you a real-time view of the surface you are trying to mark through the lens of the laser itself.

“You can view this on a screen, enabling you to move the item you are trying to mark so that the text you are going to mark onto the product ends up in exactly the right position, removing any guesswork from the process. This is useful for all applications but is particularly helpful if you are marking an expensive one-off piece.”

Pattern matching software

But CVS is not just useful for one-off pieces. If you have more of a production requirement, this through-the-lens system can be combined with pattern matching software to remove the need for tooling in the process.

“Once you place an object on the marking surface, you can use the image that the camera captures to mark out areas of interest,” says Dave. “If the part has been placed on the surface, but is offset by a few degrees, the software will send the details of that offset to the laser to ensure the mark is made in the correct place, every time.

“This means you don’t need tooling, even if you put multiple parts under the laser – it will look for the correct area on all the parts and mark them in the blink of an eye. If you make a mistake and put one of the parts in upside down, the software will recognise that, and it won’t mark it at all.”

Available laser types

Other options include both electric and manual sliding doors, and three- or five-axis machines, all combined with a large variety of different laser types and powers. “Most of our laser markers are fibre based using a standard pulse mode configuration, but an extended pulse is also available by selecting a MOPA laser,” says Dave. “We also offer a picosecond laser option, which is generally used for fine detail or cold marking of the material surface.

“Here, you are getting a much shorter pulse that enables you to get a darker, permanent mark. The main call for this tends to come from the medical industry, which needs very visible and legible marks on medical instruments that have to go through rigorous sterilisation procedures.”

Excellent warranty, installation and UK support

Buying a Sisma laser marker from Laser Lines means you get a generous two-year warranty as standard, along with unlimited telephone support from our friendly, knowledgeable product engineers who are all based in our Oxfordshire headquarters in the UK.

You will also be well looked after when it comes to installation. “We don’t just drop the box off at your location and run,” explains Dave. “We take the time to ensure that every machine we sell has been properly set up, and that the machine operators have the training they need to get the best results from it.”

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation on how a Sisma laser marker can help make your business more efficient and productive. In the unlikely event that none of its many off-the-shelf models are right for your needs, we will work to build a bespoke system to suit your requirements.

Email us on or call on 01295 672588 to get our free advice. We are always happy to hear from anyone interested in the benefits of laser marking.   

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